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Sunflower Android 6.5 release download: mobile phone can record the whole process

2024-05-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > Android Software >


Shulou( Report--

Sunflower remote control is a remote PC management and control service software for enterprises and professionals. Users can easily access and control the remote host with sunflower remote control client at any place where they can connect to the Internet. The whole process can be carried out through the browser without the need to install software.

Recently, sunflower remote control released the Andriod 6.5. the biggest highlight of this version is the launch of the "screen video" function, that is, when the phone controls the computer remotely, it can turn on the "screen video" function on the phone side to monitor and record the whole operation at any time.

Before that, "screen video" could only be set and saved on the computer, but now the mobile phone can fully realize screen recording and screenshot.

Sunflower Andriod 6.5 console main updates:

Remote Desktop and remote camera support "screen recording" and "screenshot"

The "screen recording" and "screenshot" functions log on to the Andriod console for the first time. After the remote control starts, click "Open Video" at the bottom of the phone interface, and the video will be saved to the local folder managed by the phone file for easy viewing at any time.

When the remote computer turns on the screen video recording with the mobile phone, the phone can see the entire computer desktop in the horizontal screen state.

In the phone's toolbar, click "more" to display other functions led by "screenshot". When you need to record a picture in a remote control, you can use the screenshot function to store the picture in the phone's local folder.

Second, a humanized section has been added to the control terminal of Andriod 6.5.Sunshine Shop

The release of this section, first, so that free users can experience a high level of service. Second, experience the internal testing function for free through interesting interaction. For example, if the mobile phone controls the mobile phone, you can get the qualification by smashing golden eggs in the Sunshine Store.

Official download address for Android console: click here

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