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Serial port debugging assistant, VB6.0 development

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Shulou( Report--

1. Why should we develop a serial port debugging assistant?

Usually we are: directly download a serial port assistant on the Internet, executable files, direct use, and can not get its source code, here we provide a serial port assistant developed by VB6.0:

(1) allows you to quickly grasp the key points of serial port development.

(2) provide the source code, and there are detailed comments in the source code

(3) develop the upper computer quickly and communicate with the lower computer (single chip microcomputer).

(4) use your own serial port assistant, high-end

Supported features:

(1) Serial port settings are supported: serial number, baud rate, parity bit, data bit, stop bit.

(2) support sending and receiving in character format

(3) support sending and receiving in hexadecimal format

(4) support saving the received data to a file

(6) support loading and sending content through files

(5) support timing transmission

(6) support clearing the sending area and receiving area

(7) send and receive counts are supported

2. Install the vb6.0 environment

Download the Visual.Basic.6.0.with.SP6.ISO provided in the materials, extract it, and install it

3. Open the serial port debugging assistant project.

Download the serial port debugging assistant _ VB source code .rar, and decompress it, and click on the project 1.vbp to open the project.

4. Run

(1) run

Click the triangle button on the toolbar to run

(2) insert usb to serial port

After plugging into the computer and installing the usb to serial port driver, you can see the virtual serial port in the device management. At this time, the serial port transceiver is directly short-connected and the sent data is directly received back:

(3) Test sending and receiving data

5. Ask for the source code


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