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Lenovo Rescue Y700 2023 tablet push ZUI 15.0.723 system Grayscale Test: add

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Shulou( Report--, December 23, ZUI officially announced that the Rescue Y700 2023 tablet will open the ZUI 15.0.723 grayscale test, limited push will start at 16:00 on December 23, and the quota will be increased at 16:00 every day from December 24 to 29.


Meanwhile, version 14.5 of Y70 is under internal testing and grayscale push testing will begin in the next week or two.

Updates are attached to

System optimization

Optimize the fluency of animation in some scenes

Add "USB Network sharing"

Fixed in computer mode, Wechat is not recognized as a flat end

QQ Speed dropped frames in part of the scene

UI adjustment and optimization of small white stripes at the bottom

Optimize charging scene Touch

Update security patch

Optimize system stability

Lenovo first released the Savior Y700 (first generation) in February 2022, which features an 8.8inch LCD display (which supports high 120Hz refresh rates) and a Snapdragon 870 processor with 6550mAh battery + 45W fast charge.

It is worth mentioning that Savior Y700 pushed the update of ZUI 15 major version in early December, version number is 15.0.361 stable version.

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