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[operation and maintenance] part 5: data center improvement operation and maintenance, ITIL and ISO2000

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Enterprise data center needs to improve the current situation of operation and maintenance, improve the level of operation and maintenance, and better serve the business. ITIL is definitely the best choice, because after all, ITIL is the best practice of operation and maintenance. But ITIL only tells you how to improve the ability of operation and maintenance, but it does not tell you how to do a good job of ITIL landing in your enterprise, and then really play an effect on operation and maintenance, so how to do it, you still have to follow the concept of ITIL to combine with the actual situation of the enterprise to land. When you land, you may have two choices. Is it through the ITIL process? Or do you want to pass ISO20000 certification?

Because this article is not about ITIL and ISO20000 posts, so the specific explanation can be found through du Niang. What's the difference between the two? you can look at this picture:

1 ITIL is the best practice, but not the standard, so the ITIL landing should formulate the specific process according to the actual operation and maintenance of their own enterprise. ISO20000 is not the best practice, but a standard with clear requirements to determine whether you can meet the specific requirements.

2 there is no good or bad standard for the landing of the ITIL process, only whether it runs smoothly or not, it shows that the process is well formulated, which is in line with the actual situation of the enterprise; while ISO20000, no matter whether it runs smoothly or not, only requires that there should be a process and some basic points, that is to say, ISO20000 only needs to have it or not, no matter whether it is good or not.

3 ITIL processes are optional. There are four functional modules and 26 processes in ITIL v3 2011, which you can choose according to the reality of the enterprise. ISO20000 has no room to choose, as long as there are requirements, you can't do anything less.

4 when the ITIL process is landed, you can only choose the company that does the process, which will basically include the content of ITIL consultation; ISO20000 needs to choose an experienced certification consultant to do it, because, after all, it is a standard, and people who are not familiar with the standard are indeed prone to omissions and fail to pass the certification.

5 ITIL process landing as long as the process runs smoothly, do not need evidence to prove your process operation; ISO20000 the most important thing is the evidence, certification personnel believe that you meet the requirements is to look at the evidence, this evidence can be electronic process records, can also be paper documents.

All right, are we basically clear about that? Let's talk about what the two have in common:

1 ISO20000 is a standardized ITIL best practice. Enterprises can improve their operation and maintenance management according to clear requirements. It can be said that ITIL includes ISO20000.

2 whether it is ITIL, or ISO20000 landing can be both electronic process, can also be paper management documents, there is no requirement. But relatively speaking, electronic processes, whether running or recording evidence, are easy to manage and leave traces.

So back to the topic, how does the data center choose whether to do ITIL process or ISO20000 certification? Personally, I think there are several factors to consider:

1 what is the purpose of ITIL in the data center? If you really want to improve the operation and maintenance management level and do not need certification to prove yourself, you can only do the ITIL process; if you want to prove your operation and maintenance management level through ISO20000, it is recommended to pass the certification, after all, this certification is recognized all over the world, and it has to be checked every once in a while, forcing you to make continuous improvement.

2 whether there is a fee for certification. Pure certification costs about 100000, depending on the scope of certification, but asking a consultant to help you do this requires an additional fee. Of course, the time and depth of tutoring are different, the cost is different, and this area is very different. Personally, I still feel that I should ask a reliable consultant to do this. On the one hand, passing the certification is one aspect, on the other hand, I want to improve my operation and maintenance ability.

3 ITIL and ISO20000 can be done at the same time, that is, ITIL process and ISO20000 can be done at the same time, ISO20000 requirements to do ITIL process landing guidance, kill two birds with one stone, the process can be landed, certification can also be passed. Of course, it can also be separated, for example, the ITIL process will be done first, then when doing ISO20000 certification, it is likely that the process will be adapted to meet the requirements of ISO. You can also do ISO first, and then do the process landing, then this process can meet the requirements of ISO from the very beginning.

In fact, doing ITIL process and ISO20000 certification are superficial things, what you really need is to improve your operation and maintenance management level and ability through best practices.

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