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Redmi led and domestic supply chain enterprises jointly announced: launch the

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On November 23, Redmi took the lead and joined hands with the core partners of domestic supply chain to officially launch the new global cooperation framework of "2 trillion new ambition plan," creating and sharing 2 trillion comprehensive output value in the global market in the next ten years, and put forward four consensus on the development of China's science and technology industry chain.

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In this industry-level consensus, Redmi and domestic supply chain enterprises put forward four development initiatives: firm and continuous "hard core innovation" is the proposition of the times; rooted in China,"chain" to connect with the world is an inevitable choice;"self-reliance on one side and cooperation and opening on the other side" is the only way for continuous development; the rise of trillion-level industrial clusters will reshape the global value chain pattern.

It is understood that many domestic supply chain leading enterprises, including TCL Huaxing, Haowei Technology, Lansi Technology, Longqi Technology, Visionox, Bourne, etc., participated in the "2 trillion new grand plan" and the release of consensus. Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of Redmi brand, said that Redmi is rooted in China and will devote itself to driving the domestic supply chain to continuously improve its capacity and move towards the high end of the global value chain in the new decade.

Previously, Redmi has officially announced that global mobile phone shipments will reach 1 billion units in ten years, which is a milestone in Redmi's development history and a major breakthrough in mobile phone localization. The first generation of red rice was born in 2013. Based on the optimization of domestic supply chain, it is a national mobile phone. This year coincides with the 10th anniversary of Redmi. The shipment volume of 1 billion units means that there is one Redmi user for every 8 people in the world, which makes domestic mobile phones market globally, and also drives the domestic supply chain to go out to sea and compete in the global market.

Redmi also announced on the same day that the K70 launch conference will be finalized on November 29. The K70 series is a ten-year answer, upgraded throughout the system and will lead the "AI performance revolution" in an all-round way.

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