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5 minutes getting started with lsyncd

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5 minutes getting started with lsyncd

Lsyncd is inotify + rsync based on lua encapsulation

Lsyncd installyum install-y gcc gcc-c++ make camke lua lua-develgit clone .makesudo make installlsyncd configsettings {logfile = "/ var/log/lsyncd.log", statusFile = "/ var/log/lsyncd-status.log", statusInterval = 20} sync {default.rsyncssh, source= "/ srcdir", host= "remotehost", exclude = {'* .bak','* .tmp'}, excludeFrom= "/ etc/lsyncd.exclude" Targetdir= "/ dstdir", rsync = {archive = true, compress = false, whole_file = false}, ssh = {port = 1234}} lsyncd uselsyncd-rsync / home/USER/src / home/USER/dstlsyncd-rsync / home/USER/src remotehost:dstlsyncd-rsync / home/USER/src remotehost1:dst-rsync / home/USER/src remotehost2:dst lsyncd-rsyncssh / home/USER/src REMOTEHOST TARGETDIRlsyncd-nodaemon CONFIGFILElsyncd-log all CONFIGFILE

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