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Apple releases iOS11.2.5 official firmware upgrade iOS11.2.5 update function content

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Early this morning, Apple released an official firmware update for iOS 11.2.5, which is still focused on bug fixes and security updates. In addition, the official version of iOS 11.2.5 also supports the upcoming HomePod and adds the ability to use Siri to read news aloud (in the United States, UK and Australia only).

The following is a detailed update log for iOS 11.2.5 official version:

IOS11.2.5 supports HomePod and adds the ability to read news aloud using Siri (US, UK and Australia only). This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

HomePod support

Set up and automatically transfer your AppleID, AppleMusic, Siri, and WLAN settings to HomePod

Siri News

Siri can now read the news aloud by saying "HeySiri,playthenews". You can also get specific categories of news such as sports, business, or music.

Other improvements and fixes

Resolved a problem that may cause the information in the call list of the phone application to be displayed incompletely

Fixed an issue that caused mail notifications for some Exchange accounts to disappear from the lock screen when unlocking iPhoneX with face ID

Solved the problem that may lead to the temporary disorder of the "information" dialogue.

Fixed a problem where the "playing" control did not respond after switching multiple tracks in the CarPlay vehicle.

Added the function of "narrator" to broadcast the destination location and AirPod power.

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