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A high-quality tool to improve enterprise development efficiency: rapid development platform

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Shulou( Report--

The function of modern enterprise management software is becoming more and more complex, with the new technology being introduced into management software as a management means, the difficulty of management software development is increasing year by year, especially many functions that enterprises need are personalized, which makes the development of enterprise management software less than half a year, more than one year, and the failure rate is very high. Even if the agile development approach is adopted, there is no significant change in improving development efficiency. At this point, we need to use the rapid development platform, which is the best tool to improve the development efficiency and ensure the success rate.

Power soft Rapid Development platform ( is an intelligent .NET rapid development platform based on code generator, which can help solve 80% of the repetitive work in .NET projects and make developers pay more attention to business logic. It can not only quickly improve the development efficiency, but also help the company to save labor costs without losing flexibility.

Based on the platform can develop office automation system (OA), customer relationship management system (CRM), warehousing and logistics management system (WMS), order management system (OMS), e-commerce system, financial system, industry software, and all kinds of Internet system management background, excellent framework rules ensure the high quality and standardization of the code, thus reducing project risk.

The soft and fast development platform has a main functional feature.

1. Rich functional components

Soft supports multiple databases and browsers, and provides a wealth of functions, including import and export printing, chart and report workflow, business processing, permissions, view diversification, query diversification, flexible and powerful form system, and so on.

two。 Visual development

The development of all views is real WYSIWYG, the basic function does not need code, the personalized function only needs a simple sql statement, and the code generator can generate code after configuring the function, which can be modified immediately.

3. High performance

Using the .NET MVC mode, abandoning the traditional ASP.NET server control mode, the front end uses the most standard html+js+css, no extra code, and the page response speed is fast.

4. PC & Mobile synchronization

The functions configured by the platform can be synchronized to Android, ios, Wechat and other mobile devices, eliminating the trouble of secondary deployment and development.

5. Modular development

1) support the export and import of plug-ins, so that our repeated functions can be easily migrated from one system to another without worrying about missing files.

2) support plug-in installation, such as procurement module, customer management module, etc., so that there is no need for repeated development work.

3) the free assembly of third-party controls, you can simply introduce a third-party control as a member of the power and software components, and delete components that you think are not easy to use.

6. Infinite expansion

1) first of all, the complete source code is provided, and users can change any details according to their own preferences.

2) A large number of API interfaces are reserved, which can flexibly meet various requirements even without changing the source code.

3) View resources / configuration information / database is separated from the program, which means that the runtime program is free to change language and direction.

As a professional software enterprise focusing on framework development and related product research and development, Lirou aims to provide users with a comprehensive and integrated development platform to "make development easier"! A few days ago, with strong technical strength, the company launched a rapid development platform with fully independent technological intellectual property rights-learun v7.0.5, comprehensive upgrades such as professional forms, multilingual, Gantt chart, Kanban, task scheduling, official website deployment and so on. Welcome to experience.

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