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Apple MFi Certification (data Line / Accessories) query entrance-Apple official website authentication address

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What does Apple's mfi certification mean? Many users on the Apple data line mfi authentication is not very clear, the following data line mfi authentication query website URL, together with the editor to understand it!

What does Apple's mfi certification mean?

As we all know, Apple MFi certification ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") is Apple's logo license for external accessories produced by its authorized accessory manufacturers.

Data cables and accessories with MFI certification are also more secure and safe to use. For the online mixed data lines and accessories market, many friends have asked the editor: how to know which data cables and accessories are certified by Apple MFi? Is it true that a treasure marked with MFi is certified by MFi?

First of all, Apple's MFi is for specific models, which means that a brand can have both a MFi-certified product and another product that is not MFi-certified. Even if this MFi certification is initially passed, it does not mean that it has been obtained permanently.

Manufacturers who have passed the MFi certification must also design and produce in accordance with Apple's MFi guidelines. Any changes in design and materials need to be notified to Apple, and if they fail to maintain quality and qualification, they will be disqualified. After each MFi certified product is off the market, its MFi certification will also be invalid, and the new product needs to be reapplied.

Some manufacturers may advertise a MFi-certified product, but in fact many other models are non-certified. There is also a situation where the initial listing of the product does have MFi certification, but the subsequent certification is cancelled.

When purchasing third-party data cables and accessories, in addition to identifying the MFi label on the product packaging, you can also go to Apple's official website for further verification and search through the product model, brand and UPC/EAN product code, which can generally be found on the product packaging.

Data line mfi authentication inquiry website URL: (click here to enter)

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