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Microsoft releases iOS customized news application News Pro

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Shulou( Report--

Microsoft has released an iOS news app called News Pro, which is very similar to News, Apple's previous news app for iOS 9. Microsoft is trying to provide users with a personalized reading experience by connecting users to articles that match their current interests, while the app also recommends interesting content from other sites.

The biggest difference between Microsoft's News Pro and Apple's News is that the former's content comes from Bing News and the interface can be customized through social network accounts. After users log in to their LinkedIn or Facebook account, News Pro will push news that better matches their interests.

However, in practice, there seem to be some problems with the precise push of News Pro. For example, pay attention to some keywords in the web version, it does not push the relevant content; fortunately, the mobile function works well, after verifying the LinkedIn account, select the keyword, it can display the relevant content.

The News Pro mobile app has a separate tab that allows users to customize which topics, industries, organizations and products they follow. There are also two categories in this tab, Browse and Pilot, which have the same topic selection and browsing functions as Browse, but all operations are done in thumbnails. At present, it is not clear what Microsoft's intention is to set up the classification in this way.

In News Pro, users can like and comment on news, which is one of the differences between it and Apple's News. In addition, Microsoft has added a model called Speedy Mode to the app, under which the app will quickly load streamlined news content, a function similar to SmartNews, the popular news app on iOS, and even highly similar in interface color.

News Pro is developed by Microsoft Garage, Microsoft's internal innovation incubator. For now, Microsoft's app lacks some really unique features, it looks like a direct clone of its competitors, so it lacks some compelling features.

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