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Cross-terminal file transfer how to achieve "left-hand copy, right-hand paste" real-time transmission?

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Shulou( Report--

My self-statement:

I am an R & D engineer in R & D enterprises. In order to prevent the leakage of sensitive data, our company has implemented network isolation and divided the R & D network and office network. So, I have two computers, one is connected to the R & D network, and the other is connected to the office network.

My current situation:

Due to the needs of my work, I often need to transfer the files of the R & D network to the office network, such as software packages, code packages and other documents; at the same time, I will also transfer the files of the office network to the R & D network, such as log records, debugging data and so on.

So here comes the question! Because my two computers can't connect to each other on the same network at the same time, and I don't have the permission to transfer files between the two networks. So, I have to ask someone with authority for help!

The practice of our company is that two IT security specialists have access to both networks at the same time, so when our employees want to transfer files, we need to find those two authorized specialists to operate.

For example, if I want to transfer the code package from the R & D network computer to the computer in the office network, I need to send the files that need to be transferred to the special person, and then he uploads the files to the shared folder, and then he logs in to the office network to download the files, and then sends them to my office network computer.

My troubles:

In this way to cross the end. File exchange on the side is really too troublesome, not only me, but also other colleagues who need to transfer files need to find someone to do this, so it is easy to miss files, and then have to operate again, seriously affecting work efficiency.

If my file exchange frequency is very high, or the file is very large, or there are more anxious files, this way is too inefficient and less timely. Moreover, even if it is such an operation procedure, the leader still feels uneasy and worried about the risk of information disclosure.

My wish:

Therefore, I need a new way of file exchange, so that I can operate independently, so that it is fast, error-free and easy to use. At the same time, I also need to ensure the security of documents and allay the concerns of leaders.

Is there any way to save me?

The "Ftrans cross-terminal file exchange solution" is a big hit!

The "cross-terminal file secure exchange solution" launched by Ftrans Flying Cloud can perfectly solve all the above problems.

Through this scheme, users can select the files to be transferred on the R & D network terminal, and upload them directly if there is no approval. If approval is triggered, the files will be uploaded automatically after the leader's examination and approval. You can see the progress of the upload by looking at the progress bar. After the upload is successful, the computer of the office network can download the file. Realize the instant exchange of "copy" of internal network computer and "paste" of external network computer. Regardless of the size and number of files, the speed of uploading and downloading files can be guaranteed, and there is an examination and approval audit function to ensure the security of files.

To sum up, Ftrans Cross-Terminal File secure Exchange solution has the following advantages:

1. All exchange documents are automatically archived and retained to prevent information disclosure. Leaders are more at ease.

All the file data exchanged between the R & D network and the office network will be automatically backed up and archived, and there will be detailed log records to facilitate traceability in case of problems.

2. Easy to use and greatly improve work efficiency

The system is easy to operate, easy to use and easy to use. It can not only support the file exchange of 2 terminals, but also support 3 sets and 4 sets no matter how many, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

3. Flexible approval configuration to prevent illegal data outflow

The approval process can be set up as needed to support multi-level approval, multi-person examination and approval, countersignature, or signature, so as to prevent sensitive data or non-outbound data from being transmitted.

4. Ensure 100% consistency of files with high performance and high reliability

The use of high-speed transmission protocol to ensure transmission speed, can perfectly solve the R & D, testing and other large amount of business data exchange, and 100% guarantee the correctness of files.

With the "Ftrans cross-terminal file exchange solution", you can exchange files across networks and terminals at any time, copy with your left hand and paste with your right hand, and you don't have to worry about data leakage anymore! It is really the gospel of R & D enterprises!

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