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Apple will increase AirPodsPro production to 2 million units per month

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Shulou( Report--

Smartphone owners now hold their phones longer than ever before, which is why iPhone sales have declined slightly in recent years. Still, thanks to huge growth in services and its emerging wearable, home and accessories divisions, Apple has managed to maintain a steady quarterly revenue, sometimes increasing it.

Still, the success of Apple Air Pods deserves special attention, especially given that wireless earplugs are still very popular among consumers. Recently, Apple updated the Air Pods Pro series, a new pair of wireless earplugs with active noise cancellation, improved audio performance and a new design that is expected to be slightly more comfortable than the previous iteration.

Demand for Apple's Air PodsPro has been reported to be on the rise since it entered store shelves a few weeks ago. In fact, Apple expects demand to be so strong that we have seen reports that the company plans to increase its production from 1 million to 2 million a month.

Recently, the Nikkei Asia Review (Nikkei Asia Review) revealed that Apple has asked major suppliers to increase production significantly:

As a threat to ordinary suppliers, Apple has asked little-known Lux share-ICT to double production of Air Pods Pro headphones on Chinese devices to 2 million a month, according to sources. Apple also asked Luxshare and its Chinese counterpart Goertek to increase production at its low-cost Air Pods factory in Vietnam, the world's best-selling wireless earplugs.

Notably, the Nikkei index report echoes a similar report released by Bloomberg a few days ago:

The $249 Air PodsPro has exceeded expectations and demand for them is pushing Apple's assembly partners to overcome capacity and technical constraints, according to a person familiar with the matter. Many suppliers are competing to produce professional headphones, although some are still improving their technology.

When it comes to the popularity of the Air Pods, there are reports that shipments of the Air Pods in 2019 will easily double what Apple saw in 2018.

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