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How to remotely control a computer with a mobile phone in teamviewer

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This tutorial focuses on how to make teamviewer use a mobile phone to control a computer. The operation is very simple, friends who want to learn can follow the editor to have a look at the following article, hoping to help you.

Steps for TeamViewer to use a mobile phone to control a computer:

First of all, of course, you have to see the computer interface of TeamViewer. You can use ID to add a password, or you can directly apply for an account on the computer. Of course, it is certainly more convenient to have an account on the computer.

Then introduce the mobile end, which can directly search for TeamViewer download on the mobile end. There are two connection modes on the mobile side, corresponding to the two modes of the computer, which are controlled by ID and password, and connected by direct login account. You can operate according to the screenshot.

Enter the operating interface, corresponding to the entire computer interface, but will make appropriate adjustments according to the size of the phone. Look at the first function, with a lot of functions on the computer, almost all the keys on the keyboard can be selected. You can see the picture for details.

Then go on to look at the second icon with a small wrench, and click on the icon to show four functions that can call out the task manager, lock the computer, remotely switch the machine, and block the input of remote users.

Finally, if you look at the third function, you can see that you can set the resolution required by the computer, and if the network speed is not good, you can also lower the quality a little bit, without affecting the operation, and there is a shield for the computer wallpaper, and the default background is black after shielding.

The above is how to make teamviewer use mobile phone to control all the contents of the computer, have you all learned?

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