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Tencent QQ launches a new video social application DOV Android DOV has been launched

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­recently, Tencent QQ officially announced the launch of a new video social application, DOV.

According to the official introduction, the DOV interface is very simple and clear, divided into "solar trace", "camera" and "information" three major functions. On the other hand, users will turn on the "camera" function directly after opening the software, which helps to record what they have seen and heard more quickly.

­after you have created your own work, you can publish it in the Sun. In this app, users can not only share videos or photos with their friends, but also see the works taken by their favorite stars and talent accounts they follow.

­DOV on Android has been launched. Partners using Android can go to the official DOV website or download it in the Tencent app market, while DOV on iOS is working hard to launch.

It is understood that Tencent launched an internal test of QIM on Aug. 26, 2017, which claims to be the fourth-generation social app of Tencent, focusing on taking photos and short videos. According to screenshots previously released by internal test experiencers, there are only message lists, photos and "my" buttons under the QIM main interface, and the photo button is particularly prominent, apparently consistent with the app's main function. It is not clear what is the connection between the two software.

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