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Streacom launches SG10 high-end passive heat dissipation chassis: 600W hot 1300 US dollars

2024-06-24 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--, December 23, according to Tom's Hardware, the SG10 passive heat dissipation case unveiled by Streacom at this year's Taipei computer Show is about to be pre-sold. The first copper heat sink version is priced at $1300 ( Note: currently about 9282 yuan) and will be shipped in May next year.

According to reports, SG10 is the most powerful passive heat dissipation chassis in the history of Streacom, using a new solid-state heat pipe cooling system, which is said to be more efficient than traditional heat pipe design.

As shown in the figure above, SG10 uses a uniquely designed loop heat pipe system, which can occur phase transition in the loop continuous flow, while the traditional heat pipe design occurs phase transition in the pipe. The heat dissipation device above the chassis uses a solid-state capillary pump, which can increase the pressure of the gas entering the condenser and improve the heat dissipation efficiency. The chassis has two sets of heat dissipation units that provide 600W passive heat dissipation for CPU + GPU. Users can also assemble a dual PC system of CPU + CPU. In addition, the user can also install a fan on the upper cooling module to improve the heat dissipation capacity.

In terms of compatibility, the SG10 adopts a modular design, and the motherboard / graphics card can move up and down the guide, supporting the installation of ITX to the ATX motherboard.

In terms of price, the first batch of copper radiator version sells for $1300 (currently about 9282 yuan), and the standard version of aluminum radiator sells for $1100 (currently about 7854 yuan).

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