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Seven days after its release, "Detective Conan: the Fish Shadow of Black Iron" earned more than 100 million points at the mainland box office and 6.6 points from Douban.

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Shulou( Report--, December 23, according to Lighthouse Professional data, the film "Detective Conan: the Fish Shadow of Black Iron" topped 100 million at the mainland box office and took seven days at 07:45:27.

As of press time, "Detective Conan: the Fish Shadow of Black Iron" grossed a total of 105 million yuan, with a total of 3.081 million people, with a box office of 46.205 million yuan on the first day. Douban scored 6.6 points, accounting for 42.3% of the three-star rating, and the bad reviews mainly focused on "grief for kiss."

"Detective Conan: the Shadow of Black Iron" was released on the mainland on December 16, and the film grossed more than 13.8 billion yen ( Note: currently about 693 million yuan) at the domestic box office, making it the first theatrical version of the series to exceed 10 billion yen, surpassing the previous record of 9.78 billion yen for the Bride of Halloween.


The story takes place off Tokyo's Bazhang Island, where the Pacific Buoy, a high-tech facility that connects police surveillance around the world, is about to be launched. Engineers from all over the world gather here in order to connect with the jurisdiction of Europol. A new "cool techs" based on face recognition is also being tested.

At the same time, Conan and his party went to Bazhang Island to watch whales. On the way, Conan received a phone call from Hideichi Akai, who was told that members of Europol had been killed by gin in Germany. Conan sneaks into the Pacific Buoy to investigate the truth. Just as the engineers were preparing for the start of the system, a case suddenly occurred! A female engineer was kidnapped by the dark organization, and the flash drive with the core technology in her hand also fell into the hands of the dark organization!

At this time, the sound of an unknown submarine approaching under the water was creepy, and a mysterious shadow was quietly approaching Asahara.

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