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Google PixelC how to unlock root unlock Bootloader with PixelC tutorial

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Shulou( Report--

Many friends are interested in the googlePixelC tablet, coupled with a lot of foreign garbage flowing into China, compared to friends who like to unlock this board after root use, the following editor will tell you about the googlePixelC unlocking Bootloader tutorial.

Please back up what you need before unlocking google Pixel C. Skip this step as soon as you buy it.

First, let the tablet enter the bootloader state and connect to the computer.

On Android, open adb, type ADB reboot-bootloader, your Pixel C will enter bootloader mode, and the machine will display Waiting for bootloader command.

Enter fastboot flashing unlock for adb in Bootloader, and your Pixel C will enter a large section of unlocking instructions. Press the power key to confirm the unlocking. The unlocking process involves a purge of data, so take a long time, wait patiently, and then re-enter the bootloader. Then open adb and enter fastboot reboot, and the system will restart to enter the wizard. The wizard please skip WIFI connection, otherwise card Google, there is a special WIFI ignored.

After unlocking, each boot will enter 30 seconds of Bootloader is unlocked and OS verificantion is OFF.Device will continue booting in 30 seconds. Interface, there will be a tick on the way.

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