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Ocean Rabbit Android version of the mobile phone download address similar to the octave sauce voice-activated game

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Ocean Rabbit is a very fun game, the game screen and special effects are worthy of likes for it, so where is the download address of the Ocean Rabbit game, Xiaobian to tell you!

Marine rabbit Android version mobile phone download address: click

Little bunny and big crab are so cute to say!

Let the little rabbit swim with your voice, don't be caught by the big crab!

Characteristics of Ocean Rabbit Game

The new original voice-controlled adventure game Ocean Rabbit attracts players' attention with its funny painting style and funny movements. The penniless rabbit in the game made a very important decision in his life and swam to the island in the middle of the lake. There will be dangerous sea monsters like jellyfish electric shock, challenges along the way. You can control your voice, help him get the speed and avoid obstacles. Carrots can make him swim faster and further, so as long as you can seize many opportunities. Prepare for an exciting adventure? Here, let's go!

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