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What are the new features and contents of iOS12 updated in Apple's iOS12 system?

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Today, Apple held the WWDC2018 (developer Conference) in San Jose, USA, and officially launched the new iOS 12 system.

For regular users, the biggest highlight of the new iOS 12 is improved speed and fluency. According to officials, the App startup speed of the previous generation of iOS 11BI iOS 12 is 40% faster, the input method is 50% faster, and the camera startup speed is 70% faster.

In addition to the improvement in speed, the iOS 12 system also focuses on AR, adding AR measurement tools that can be used to measure in AR scenarios using mobile phones. At the same time, ARKit, the tool platform for developing AR applications, is updated to ARKit 2.0.

In addition, AR also added a multi-player interaction function, live demonstration of AR playing Lego game scene, in addition to the building blocks themselves, but also to explore the story of the Lego building world, and even Lego villains are dynamic.

The upgrade of photo albums is mainly the addition of search function, which can intelligently identify photos and improve the accuracy and accuracy of search. For example, photos will provide a "for you" tag, provide suggestions for selected photo effects, and advise you whether or not to send certain types of photos to someone.

Siri has a big update this time, and Siri adds a function similar to Smartisan's "flash capsule". The app's name is Suggestion, which converts your voice into a reminder and adds it to the lock screen.

In addition to the above features, iOS 12 upgrades include: do not disturb mode supports application notification message blocking while sleeping, Face Time video chat for up to 32 people, notification grouping and one-click emptying, App Limits application time control, parents can limit the amount of time their children can use the device, and so on.

Overall, the upgrade range of iOS 12 is small, mainly in terms of fluency. In addition, any device that can be updated to iOS 11 can be upgraded to an iOS 12 system.

These devices can be upgraded to iOS 12 ▼

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