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If you take a picture like this on a snowy day, the picture will be more interesting.

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The recent cold wave hit, many places have opened the "white mode", under the heavy snow.

Snow is a very ambient element, and it is also very easy to make a film on a snowy day, so today I would like to share with you how to take wonderful and delicious photos in a snowy day:

1. Minimalist style if the snow is big enough, the ground, buildings, trees and so on will be covered with thick snow, showing a white scene, which is very suitable for taking minimalist style photos.

Snow not only provides a natural "blank" for the picture, but also covers a lot of cluttered and interfering elements, and at the same time, it will also make the color in the environment less and tend to be plain and clean, so we can choose places with large snow stocks to shoot with snow as the background in the picture. As long as we find the subject and make the proportion of the subject in the picture smaller, we will be able to build a wonderful minimalist photo.

People, animals, trees, buildings and so on are suitable to be the main body of the picture.

two。 Pay attention to the snow itself when it first falls, the snow is in the form of snowflakes. It is said that no two snowflakes are exactly the same. If you like macro photography, you can pay attention to the snowflakes themselves.

Snowflakes will be more obvious in the dark background, and can be matched with dark objects when shooting snowflakes; if you want to get a more interesting picture, you can pay attention to capturing snowflakes in different scenes, such as snowflakes falling on remnant leaves, snowflakes falling on eyelashes, etc., in the right angle, can shoot a very romantic effect.

After the snow falls on the ground for a period of time, it will gather together to form a fluffy and porous shape, which is very textured if you look closely, and under different light and shadow effects, it can create a simple and detailed picture, and it is also a good shooting theme.

3. Night scene many people are very impressed by the "Lin Jiaotou Fengxue Mountain Temple and Lu Yu Hou burning grass farm" in the Water margin. Snow is really very suitable for matching with the night scene. First of all, both of them have a sense of quietness. at the same time, snow has a good reflection, which can make the night appear brighter, coupled with numerous snowflakes and bright lights, which can create a very artistic effect.

On a snowy night, you can go to the streets of the city to have a look. The lights can map the snow into different colors, the snowflakes under the lights are more obvious, the footprints on the ground, pedestrians holding umbrellas in the distance, and the warm lights in the foggy glass window are all very ambient scenes.

4. Overlooking the snow or after the snow, you can find a high place to overlook the snow, there will definitely be a different experience.

The whole city is covered with snow, all kinds of buildings are white, the mountains in the distance have become "snow mountains", and the ground seems to be only black and white.

Although the snow is rare and beautiful, safety comes first. when you go out to shoot, you must pay attention to keeping warm, anti-skid and waterproof, as well as traffic safety.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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