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You can now test driving Google's self-driving car.

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The day that some of you have been waiting for has finally come: you can now test Google's self-driving cars. Before you get too excited, you should know that you can't keep the car. The pilot program is only available in Pelex, Arizona.

Google's self-driving car division, now called Waymo, offers test driving opportunities for some Phoenix residents. But the company is now opening the project to the public, which means anyone can apply to test one of the company's future cars.

Waymo explained in a blog post that some Phoenix residents have been testing the self-driving car for the past few months, and now the program is expanding to cover more people. John Krafcik, chief executive of Waymo, said: "in this experiment, we will accept hundreds of people with different backgrounds and traffic needs in Waymo's self-driving car and give feedback.

Waymo also announced that it would add 500 self-driving Chrysler Pacific hybrid minivans to its fleet in addition to the 100 models that appeared on public roads earlier this year. The company said that although it has accumulated millions of miles of self-driving experience so far, it wants to know more about the main beneficiaries of the technology, namely the people in the car.

"now, through this project, we turn our attention to those who will benefit from this technology," the chief executive said. "We will learn things like where people want to go in self-driving cars, how they communicate with our vehicles, and what information and control they want to see in it.

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