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How to change the background Color of cad2010 tutorial cad modify the background color of layout

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Shulou( Report--

How does AutoCAD change the background color? Want to know exactly how to operate it? Follow Xiaofan to get to know it! I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. First, you need to open the 2010 version of cad, and the interface after opening is shown in the figure. The various icons on the left are common icons for drawing, such as the first one is the icon of a straight line, and you can perform the corresponding operation after clicking the icon. When drawing, because of the need, to create different layers, it is necessary to create layers and manage layers.

2, then find the tool options on the interface, after clicking the tool options, there will be a lot of options, you will also see the black triangle options, the mouse over the black triangle options will automatically appear some attached options, there is an item "options" at the end of the tool, and then click options.

3, click the option item, find the display and click, it will appear as shown in the figure, there are window elements, layout elements, display precision, etc., crosshairs size can change the size of the cursor, click the color option in the window element, and click.

4. After clicking the color option, there will be a lot of background colors. Find the background color you want and click.

5. After selecting the desired background color, click the "apply and close" button

6. at this time, there is a newly appeared interface, click the "OK" button.

7. After clicking the "OK" button, the interface shown below will appear, and you will successfully change the background color. The editor's example is a white background.

This is all the content the editor has brought to you. Have you all learned it?

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