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How to build a mother-infant community

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With the rapid development of mobile Internet, there are many vertical communities in the market, such as "her community", a private community for women, "her financial management", a community for learning and sharing financial management, and "Baobao", a community for mother and child knowledge acquisition. beauty community "beauty", cosmetic community "new oxygen", shopping sharing community "Little Red Book" and so on.

Each industry has derived different vertical communities, and the demand of the mother-child community is gradually increasing because of the liberalization of the two-child policy. Parenting, early childhood education, and the value of user needs of the mother-child community have been paid more and more attention by young parents. The coming new wave of birth peak in China, the upgrading of overall national consumption and the rapid upgrading of the demand for eugenics and education have brought huge market space for the maternal and infant industry.

According to the study of the typical maternal and infant community in the maternal and infant market at present, this paper analyzes how to establish the maternal and infant community from the three dimensions of demand, users and rules.

Any product must meet the core needs of users, and there is no point in other efforts if you go in the wrong direction. Let's take a look at the main purpose of users' use of mother-to-child communities:

Learning needs: learning scientific parenting knowledge

Recording requirements: recording the moment of baby's growth

Pour out your needs: the problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Child-rearing conflict?

Need to make friends: get to know like-minded mothers

Promotion needs: self-enrichment, self-improvement. Beauty, skin care, wear, etc.

Shopping needs: what to buy? How do I buy it?

According to the six demand points, combined with the actual scene, it is not difficult to see that the pain point of the mother and infant community should be placed on the acquisition of parenting knowledge, taking a deep, fine and refined route.

We can integrate some professional resources (doctors, experts, education experts) to teach parenting knowledge, and accurately locate and distinguish according to the different needs of different age groups. attract users in rich forms (articles, online lectures, one-on-one Q & A, videos, offline activities), convey a professional, accurate and detailed image to users, reduce the cost of acquiring knowledge, and gain long-term dividends.

In the case of meeting the core needs, learning records, talking about making friends and other needs, to build a complete mother and child community ecology.

Let's take the short talk of integrating the operation system to quickly build a mother-child community as an example, and build a complete mother-child community online.

① information function

Official information display, hot review categories and other sorting mechanisms, showing selected information, can be used to aggregate hot information and the latest activities of the mother and child industry, but also can be used as a form of paid reading, with more operational value. The information page can also be connected to advertising to cooperate to expand the profit model.

② Circle function

Gather more wonderful sharing, wonderful content, lively presentation, intelligent matching, flexible management, improve the sense of user participation on the platform, more valuable, and can be used to build, guide users to gather and discuss, share maternal and infant experiences, acquire knowledge tools and child growth records, expand nearby circle functions, and discover and join nearby communities.

In the construction of social relationships, in addition to guiding users from the product, user motivation is also essential. Users can get corresponding points by making systematic actions, such as posting, replying posts, etc. Just imagine, when users are interested in a post, if there is a bonus incentive, there will be more motivation to reply.

③ question and answer function

The question and answer function includes invitation question and answer, reward question and answer, tag search to find knowledge points quickly, and more diverse and effective forms of knowledge dissemination. The question and answer system is strongly integrated, and the question label can be used to classify questions, invite answers and reward answers to enhance interaction.

④ forum function

The forum function includes short video posts, pictures, text and other forms, which can insert goods in the posts, which is conducive to the sale and dissemination of goods.

In the community operation, to help users build a good social relationship, and the most important social relationship is the communication and interaction between people. Gather strangers with the same hobbies and find ways to get them to interact and eventually become friends.

⑤ Mall function

Mall functions combined with community forum play, related mall SKU, community sharing and recommendation, more mainstream marketing models, distribution, group purchase, coupons, members and so on.

In the commodity operation, in addition to the daily discount activities, we can also try to use the group purchase mode. We can flexibly operate the group purchase model and make it into a form of activity, in which operators initiate group purchase activities, and when users form a group, they can get coupons or other prizes. Discount with coupons can also buy goods at a preferential price.

Payment for ⑥ knowledge

In addition to its own column, writer platform, after-school homework and other tools, knowledge payment combines the community and e-commerce model.

Partial illustration of Maternal and Infant Community

Maternal and infant communities still need to continue to operate, in terms of profits, many communities basically only refine the needs of less than 3 years old, and there is basically no refinement for the larger age group. Even under the age of 3, the demand is mainly focused on the popularization of diet and development knowledge, and seldom dabbles in intellectual development and character shaping, so the accuracy, professionalism and sustainability of profit is a long-term mission.

On the other hand is to serve the core users, the community is a place to increase the stickiness of the platform, we need to target the core users to help solve their problems, these core users are the cornerstone of the active mother-child community, and all the platform needs to do is to provide access and homeopathy guidance.

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