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Common failures and Solutions of Desktop Video Files

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A lot of data is saved on the computer desktop, and many users' improper operation of the computer will lead to the loss of video files and various situations of files, so how to avoid and how to solve it? Please continue to read this article.

Why the video was lost?

There are many situations in video files, such as mistakenly deleted devices are formatted, and some unexpected situations such as loss of power, power outage or system crash will lead to data failure.

1. Erroneous deletion

two。 The device is formatted

3. Other emergencies lead to the loss of video files.

The video file can't be opened?

There are many kinds of video formats, such as MPEG/MPG/DAT, AVI, RA/RM/RAM, MOV, ASF, RMVB, FLV, MP4 and so on. Why do you sometimes encounter video files that cannot be opened?

1. Check to see if the file is corrupted, causing the file to be incomplete and unable to play.

two。 If the file is complete, you can see if the player does not support the current file format.

3. If you need to convert the file type, as follows: RMVB to MP4 because the video compression ratio is very high.

The recovered video file can't be opened?

After the video is restored, it is found that the restored video file cannot be opened or indicates how it is caused that the file has been damaged.

1. Video is overwritten, remind again: if you find data loss, stop writing new data immediately!

two。 TRIM is enabled on SSDs: if the device on which you save videos is SSDs and TRIM is enabled on SSDs, the videos you delete cannot be recovered by any software, and even if restored, the video files will be corrupted.

3. It is not the lost video file that is recovered: the file name is destroyed during the loss of the data, so the software renames it.

So you may find the wrong data to restore it.

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