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Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK build 16278 Preview

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Shulou( Report--

Microsoft has just released a download link to the preview version of Windows 10 SDK build 16278, along with the 15240 compiled version of Mobile Simulator (Mobile Emulator). It should be pointed out that the latter has already appeared with the preview version of Windows 10 SDK build 16267 on August 22. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not disclose any more new details about Windows 10 Mobile.

A known problem in Windows 10 SDK build 16278 is that the application cannot be compiled on a non-Windows 10 platform. Of course, this problem occurs only on target systems with compiled version 16278.

In addition, Microsoft announced another major change in build 16278:

Ecmangen.exe has been removed from this version of the software development kit and will not be included in the future. For developers who rely on ecmangen.exe to create event lists, it is recommended that you install Windows Creators Edition to get the file.

Developers can also create lists with the help of notepad or other XML editors, so a schema file on MSDN can help with the tools they support.

Of course, since Microsoft announced in July that the platform is complete, the SDK will focus on bug fixes rather than bringing new features until the fall creator update.

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