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Ps liquefaction tool does not use how to set up can not be used to solve the problem of unresponsive

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When you use Photoshop to process pictures, you will encounter various problems, such as the liquefaction tool cannot be enabled, enter the filter liquefaction window, and find that the picture is not displayed. In view of this situation, this paper collates two solutions, which you can refer to.

How to solve the problem that the liquefaction tool of Photoshop software cannot be used?

Open the Adobe Photoshop software, import a picture, and click "filter"-- "Liquefaction" option in the menu bar.

Enter the liquefaction window, the screen is blank, the picture is not displayed

Find the property bar on the right side of the page, click to open [View options], and check [Show Image] in the drop-down menu.

Now that the picture has been successfully displayed, you can continue to edit the picture

Alternatively, you can click "Edit"-"preferences"-"performance" in the menu bar, enter the window, and uncheck "use GPU" to solve the problem.

When you encounter a situation where the PS liquefaction tool cannot be used, you can solve it through the above two methods.

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