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Xiaomi Mi9T smartphone users are tired of battery problems in MIUI 12.

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Shulou( Report--

A few months ago, the MIU I12 was updated with a phone sold as Xiaomi Mi 9T. Unfortunately, from the same day of the update, different failures of smartphones began to be discovered, which is related to battery life. EMUI 12. 0. The fault was detected in version 2, and there were different errors in Android, indicating that the discharge speed of the phone was much faster than normal. The battery then discharges at a rate of 10% in 10 minutes. The solution found is to use Xiaomi's security tools to optimize the system, restrict the use of background applications, and disable digital welfare tools until MIUI 12 12.0.3.

However, although subsequent updates have been installed, the problem will still affect Xiaomi Mi 9T, the thread display provided by Xiaomi support Center.

Who knows if Xiaomi will respond to the battery problem with miui 12?

If I didn't save electricity, I wouldn't work eight hours a day. One sentence is terrible.

For me, the update is terrible. It was easy to get there two days ago. Now you can only use it for 1 day at most, no camera, no power saver.

There is something wrong with my battery percentage. Sometimes it will maintain a certain percentage for a long time, and sometimes it will decline rapidly. I also have a millet Mi 9T.

Some users have proposed a series of battery-saving technologies in MIUI, but in fact they are not much different from the previous operating systems.

The key seems to be, after receiving the latest update, please restore the factory settings and save all photos, music, documents, etc. After this process is completed, to solve the battery problem in Xiaomi's phone, it must be recharged for 3 to 4 hours without using it. After you restore your smartphone, you must configure to close the application in the background.

To do this, open the security application, select Battery and performance, and then select Energy Saving in applications. After that, select the desired application, and then select restrict background activity for all infrequently used applications.

According to users who have gone through this process, although it is different from the previous version of MIUI, it can reduce battery consumption.

However, users continue to call on Xiaomi to provide solutions to prevent them from having to restore their phones to their original state.

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