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"Apple Music" has an Android version of Apple TV. Why not?

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­(original title: Why Apple Didn't Launch an Android Version of Its New TV Service)

March 28, according to foreign media reports, Apple's spring launch showed that the company can open up software and services to competitors' devices, but not all competitors, such as Android phones.

­Apple has upgraded its Apple TV service, including new subscriptions to original movies and TV shows, which will be released on iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is also available on Amazon and Roku platforms, as well as LG, Sony and Samsung smart TVs.

However, at the press conference, Apple did not mention Google in the two-hour demonstration.


­the operating system is used by about 85% of the latest smartphones.

At first glance, this seems to be Apple's unwise oversight. Apple said it plans to launch such services in more than 100 countries, most of which have a dominant market position with Android. Do not launch Android version of Apple TV

­will ignore hundreds of millions of potential paying viewers, especially outside the United States.

However, on closer inspection, Apple does not need those Android users, nor does it need to cater to Google. It's a thoughtful bet.

­Netflix, the leader in video streaming services, may have provided Apple with experience. Netflix said last year that 70 per cent of its paid subscribers watch videos on smart TVs or TV set-top boxes. Only 10 per cent of users watch Netflix videos on their phones, compared with 15 per cent and 5 per cent on PCs and tablets, respectively.

­Netflix is booming outside the U.S., and given that Android phones have less than 10% of the market share, Apple is likely to think it's worth the risk of ignoring this part of the market.

­the move into more digital services is forcing Apple to embrace other devices. Apple launched the Android version of Apple Music because smartphones are the main way for people to enjoy music services. According to a research report released by Sensor Tower on Tuesday, Apple Music has been installed on Android devices 40 million times.

­however, Apple did not mention its future


­News+ service for $10 per month. Apple refuses to open services such as iMessage and FaceTime to other platforms, which it may have found to help retain users and sell phones.

After all, Apple is still a hardware company in essence, and it doesn't want to give consumers more reason to choose Android phones over iPhone. Apple's service revenue is still dwarfed by hardware such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

­according to Apple's strategy so far, the message is clear that Apple will launch its services on non-Apple devices, but only if it benefits the company and does not hinder its own hardware sales. (Tianmen Mountain)

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