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Samsung will launch a cheap version of Galaxy M02 in the European market on January 7th

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Samsung is preparing to develop several new Galaxy M-series devices. It may soon introduce Galaxy M12 and Galaxy M62. Prior to these devices, the company has officially announced that it will soon launch its Galaxy M02 in the European market. The device will be officially released on January 7. In addition, the company also disclosed some specifications of the equipment. There is also a real-time product page to be posted on the official website.

The development comes from Samsung's official website and has launched the Galaxy M02s product page. It focuses on promoting three aspects of mobile phones-screen size, RAM and battery capacity. The product page also shows the design of Galaxy M02s. It will have a drip port, which Samsung calls a "Infinity-V display" to accommodate selfie shooters. The display has a chin at the bottom and a normal frame on the side. The volume joystick and power button seem to be on the right side of the phone. In addition, there appears to be a 3.5mm audio Jack next to the bottom USB Type-C port and the speaker grille.

As for specifications, the Galaxy M02s will have a 6.5inch HD display. It will be powered by Snapdragon system chips and equipped with 4GB memory. In addition, it will encapsulate a 5000 Ma battery. There is no news about fast charging. Confirm that the price of equipment in the European market is lower than 10,000 rupees in the European market. We will wait for the official release to get the exact price and more details. Galaxy M02s will be listed on the European market on January 7th.

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