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VMware operation and maintenance-when HA is enabled in the data center, HA agent reports an error

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Problem 1: the vsphere HA on this host cannot access the quarantined address

In the original network configuration on each ESXi host, the default gateway is configured to manage a gateway of IP. If the previously set default gateway IP address ping does not work (it is good to have an IP ping on the same network segment on the same switch), then go to the network engineer to see if there is something wrong with the gateway, which is usually caused by the lack of a gateway on the switch managing the network.

Now my network environment is like this, two Cisco switches are redundant, each switch makes a distinction between the management network segment and the business network segment, and there seems to be no routing device connection. Later, I asked the network teacher that there was no gateway for me. So, you can only modify the default configuration of the advanced properties of HA.

Generally speaking, the default isolation address is the gateway corresponding to the management IP. If there is no gateway, you can also specify a specific ip address as the isolation address through advanced settings.

Das.isolationaddress [1]

/ / set to the desired gateway address, and 10 isolated addresses can be set


/ / set to false

That's it.

Problem 2: vsphere HA detection signal data storage on this host (less than 2)

When two or more hosts do HA, the storage system is required to provide the heartbeat signal of vMotion.

VMware defaults to two heartbeats to determine the execution of vMotion. If you have only one storage, or only one LUN on the storage

The above hint will appear. If you want to close this prompt, you can do the following:

ESXi warns that there is only one DataStore:

1. Select HA- configuration-vSphere HA- Advanced option.

2. Enter das.ignoreinsufficienthbdatastore in the option window and true in the numerical window.

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Original address

Cancel the ESXi warning that there is only one DataStore:

1. Select HA- configuration-vSphere HA- Advanced option.

2. Enter das.ignoreinsufficienthbdatastore in the options window and true in the numeric window.


In ESXi5.0, the DataStore HeartBeat function is added, requiring at least two or more shared storage.

Das.heartbeatdsperhost to change the amount of detection signal data storage required. The valid value is 2-5, and the default is 2.

Das.ignoreinsufficienthbdatastore is used to disable the created configuration problem if the host does not have sufficient vSphere HA detection signal data storage. The default is false.

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