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The Android version of the Apple Music app removes the Beta tag: going formal

2024-07-24 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > Android Software >


Shulou( Report--

Apple has updated the Android version of the Apple Music app (Apple Music for Android) to completely bid farewell to the Beta tag and become the official version. At present, the Android version of the Apple Music app is version 1.0, which has been tested for nearly 10 months and has finally been launched on Google Play Store.

The official version of Apple Music not only takes off the Beta tag, but also brings a lot of new features. In this update, Apple has opened up more permissions to users, including adding equalizer settings. Users can use Apple Music applications and adjust the playback content of iTunes according to their own needs. On iOS, the equalizer needs to be operated in the settings, while on the Android version of Apple Music, it can be adjusted directly in app.

During the 10-month test, Apple made a number of improvements to the Android version of Apple Music, including the addition of some new features that are not available in the iOS version. For example, an update not long ago added offline music to allow users to save music offline to an SD card. In addition, Android version of Apple Music also allows users to add Android desktop widgets to make it easy for users to control music playback. Until a few months ago, the Android version of Apple Music lacked features such as family planning and video playback.

Today's complete update log is as follows:

Apple Music can be used in Android. Thank you for your feedback during beta.

This update includes equalizer settings and many new features as well as improvements in playback and stability.

Android version of Apple Music has been logged into Play Store.

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