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IOS 11 beta 5 release iCloud message removed

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Shulou( Report--

­the fifth test version of Eskimo iOS 11 is now being rolled out to developers, which fixes the existing bug, brings a new bug, and makes some adjustments to the system function and design.

­iCloud Info-Apple's iCloud messaging feature stores iMessage in the cloud to free up storage space for iOS and Mac devices. But in the latest iOS 11 beta 5, this feature has been removed. Apple said it would rerelease the feature in a future upgrade of iOS 11, implying that it would not be included in the first version of iOS 11 to be released in September. It is not clear why the feature was removed and when it will return.

­Control Center Music Icon-the music application in the Control Center has been redesigned and a new pulse indicator in the upper right corner shows nearby audio sources, just like AirPods, speakers and AirPlay devices. When the indicator is clicked, a pop-up window displays available playback devices for users to quickly select and connect.

­Settings-the icon of the settings application is slightly adjusted, the background is changed from gray to black, and the gears look more obvious.

­camera-the icon of the camera application has also been slightly modified and the original two lines have been removed to make the design more concise.

­screen recording-when screen recording is made on iPhone or iPad, the indicator bar at the top of the screen changes from blue to red and looks more conspicuous.

­iOS 11 beta 5 is currently only available for developer testing, but Apple should add these changes to its fourth public beta later this week.

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