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What if .net mvc exceeds the maximum request length?

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Shulou( Report--

This article is about how. Net mvc exceeds the maximum request length. The editor thinks it is very practical, so share it with you as a reference and follow the editor to have a look.

Encountered in our project "exceeded the maximum request length" as shown in the following figure, because the default request length of IIS is 4m, when the request length is greater than this value, an error is reported. Here is the solution.

Solution: modify the web.config file

1, notice that there are two web.config files in mvc, such as the following figure, one under Views is used to control the files in view, and the other is located in the root directory, which has an effect on all files. We modify the web.config in the root directory

2. Modify maxRequestLength: in web.config, the maxRequestLength we are modifying represents the maximum request length (in kb). The default is 4m.

3. Modify maxAllowedContentLength: in web.config, the maxAllowedContentLength we are modifying represents the upper limit of attachment size (in bytes). The default is about 30m.

Note: the difference between maxRequestLength and maxAllowedContentLength

A, the former indicates the request length, and the latter indicates the size of the uploaded file

B, the former unit kb, the latter unit byte

C, the former default value is 4m, the latter default value is 30000000B, about 30m

D, the maximum value of both is 2G

Thank you for reading! This is the end of the article on "what if the .net mvc exceeds the maximum request length". I hope the above content can be of some help to you, so that you can learn more knowledge. if you think the article is good, you can share it for more people to see!

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