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Apple paid a dividend of $3.2 billion in the third quarter to buy back $10 billion of shares.

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Apple plans to pay shareholders a dividend of 57 cents a share on Aug. 11, with a registration date of Aug. 8, according to technology website AppleInsider. Apple paid a total of $3.2 billion to shareholders this time.

This will be the ninth dividend since Apple split its shares into seven shares, and it will be the second time that Apple has paid a dividend of 57 cents per share since it announced an increase in the dividend on a conference call with earnings analysts in the second quarter of fiscal 2016. Over the past four quarters, Apple has paid out about $12 billion in dividends to shareholders, an average of nearly $3 billion a quarter.

Dividends are only a small part of Apple's shareholders' return on capital plan, and share buybacks are the main form of shareholders' return on capital plan. Share buybacks increase the scarcity of shares, and the price goes up with it. In addition, share buybacks also help to increase earnings per share, which are closely watched by the market. Apple has bought back $37 billion worth of shares in the past four quarters, including $10 billion in the third quarter.

Apple return on Capital Information

Since the launch of the return on capital program, Apple has bought back a total of $127 billion in shares. Since mid-2012, Apple has returned about $177 billion to shareholders, including dividends and share buybacks. Apple plans to return $250 billion to shareholders over the next five quarters

Before the split in 2014, Apple bought back $50 billion worth of shares at a price of $50 to $90. After the split, Apple bought back the shares at a price of $100 to $130, suggesting that Apple expected its share price to rise further.

Apple bought back $6.9 billion worth of shares in the fourth quarter of last year and $7 billion in the first quarter of this year, which is quite conservative, suggesting that Apple is skeptical about buying back a large number of shares and is using the money to buy back shares in the second quarter. because at the time it expected the share price to fall further.

As of July 15, 2016, Apple's outstanding share capital was 5.388 billion shares. Based on Tuesday's closing price, Apple has a market capitalization of $586.3 billion.

Apple tradable share capital

In addition to using domestic cash for share buybacks and dividends, Apple also raised money by issuing bonds at very low interest rates.

Of Apple's $232 billion in cash reserves, overseas accounts for $215 billion. Transferring overseas cash to the United States requires high taxes.

Apple announced a $1 billion investment in DiDi in May. Apple is also continuing to expand its retail business in China and expand its R & D center in Shanghai.

Apple has also launched plans to enter the Indian market, including a technology centre in Hyderabad and a design and development accelerator project in Bangalore. Apple is expanding its two offices in Israel, which focus on advanced chip design and memory technology, and it has set up an R & D centre in Cambridge, UK, dedicated to Siri speech recognition and natural language processing technology.

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