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In addition to Weibo, there is also WeChat

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The online poke function of Android QQ is similar to that of Wechat.

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Shulou( Report--

Everyone is familiar with Wechat's clap function, and today's latest Android QQ 8.4.8 version has also launched its own clap function, but its name is "poke".

Similar to a Wechat shot, the QQ poke is also achieved by double-clicking the profile photo of a friend, but the expression is richer, and there will be corresponding prompts in the group, but withdrawal is not supported yet, so consider carefully before poking to avoid accidental rollover.

In addition, the new content of this version is still very rich, basically aimed at young users, we can see that QQ understands the needs of young people very well.

For example, the interface is simpler and more suitable for learning, such as "writing together" in group chats with rich templates (you can play idioms such as picking up dragons, etc.), such as queuing random matching and fast team games. For example, combine friends to bind "best friends" intimate relationships.

For more information, please see the full update log:

-A new "youth model", a simpler social experience, and a purer learning atmosphere

-Group chat time press the chat box "write together", a number of practical templates, together code words wonderful pen

-add random matching to the party together, launch games quickly, and easily team up and have fun.

Double-click the profile picture and poke it to make the interesting interaction more loving.

Group chat to add members to the list, happy chat, dominate the list

-add "best friend" to intimate relationship and invite friends to bind together.

-add anonymous questions and answers to the data card, ask questions quietly and see what your friends say from the bottom of their hearts.

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