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Cybertruck: future species redefine cars

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Shulou( Report--

"Every 5-10 years, there's a rare product, a really special, very unusual product that's the most unique thing on the road. "The unique product Musk is talking about is Cybertruck.

The car's characteristics can be summed up in one sentence: "stronger than bullets, dragging 911 faster than 911." "


Cybertruck reflects Musk's thinking about cars. By choosing the pickup truck category, he gave him a new definition of the car, which is also his vision for the future interstellar lifestyle.

Cybertruck is a symbol or symbol. On the one hand, it represents Musk's vision for the future and the subversion of tradition-"I don't care if anyone buys it. We don't do traditional, boring pickup trucks. "On the other hand, Musk is also a master of category innovation and marketing. He has made a good balance between the bizarre design of futurism and the functional expression of pragmatism: integrating SUV, pickup truck and super-running product points, and attracting enough attention by hanging a series of star models and bullet shooting tests. The application of cold-rolled superhard stainless steel alloy is the key to mass production of Cybertruck, a new category of products.

Cybertruck: Belonging to the future, defining the present Cybertruck embodies Musk's new product definition for the car of the future.

Philosophically, Musk wants the car to have a futuristic feel,"the car of the future does look like it's from the future," rather than "the shape and craftsmanship of the pickup have remained largely unchanged for 80 years." In other words, Musk's appearance requirements for Cybertruck are disruptive and unprecedented. As Elon Musk says--

"Let's be bold and amaze the world. "

"I want the future to look like it really does come from the future. "

"We don't do traditional, boring pickup trucks, which we can do anytime. "

Based on the above design ideas, it is not surprising that we have a unique design for Cybertruck. Minimalist geometric lines and profiles, straight lines, triangles, rectangles, these slightly abrupt design styles make the car have a strong degree of recognition, coupled with the metal texture of the stainless steel alloy body, people have a very strange perception of this alternative industrial grade product, and this is exactly what Musk wants.

In Cybertruck's design philosophy, Musk's thinking about doomsday or disaster response is also contained."We have the most advanced technology to deal with doomsday. "Like Noah's Ark in 2012, the Cybertruck was built to be both sturdy and bulletproof, stronger than a bullet. At the same time, the car also has a "biological weapons defense mode," the car's high-efficiency filter (HEPA) filter system can prevent the air outside the compartment from entering, while filtering out pollen, bacteria and other pollutants in the air, it is said to be even resistant to biological weapons.

Category innovation: more leather than pickup truck Cybertruck Another inspiration for the car industry is category innovation, and its greatest practical significance for the car industry lies in this.

The first is subversive product design, never follow the rules. This design you can understand as_"skinnier than pickup trucks, wilder than off-road vehicles, faster than supercars..."

It's not a car or pickup truck like before, or even a cross-border super-run SUV. It blurs the boundaries of the car category, bringing together the features of pickup trucks, SUVs and super-runs into a brand-new category. Of course, there are some moderate features Cybertruck doesn't have, namely elegance, luxury, balance and comfort in traditional car design, as well as small and handy, similar to Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan or MINI, SMART characteristics of such cars.

Subversive design below, is a powerful expression of function, Cybertruck product features include such aspects:

a. SUV passability;

b. load and drag capacity of pickup trucks;

c. speed of overrunning;

In terms of chassis performance, Cybertruck is equipped with an adaptive air suspension system, which the official website describes as "able to drive on any planet surface," with a ground clearance of up to 17 inches (433 mm), which is already stronger than most hardcore SUVs. In the Baja Cross Country Rally, Cybertruck showed crazy off-road performance.

In terms of b / c, Cybertruck's strong strength has already crushed similar products at present. It has a load capacity of more than one ton and can pull more than 11000 pounds (5 tons); the tailgate can be lowered to fit 4 x 8 feet of plywood.

Cybertruck's powerful kinetic energy is shown amazingly in PK against many powerful opponents, such as:

Cybertruck, towing a Porsche 911, competed with another Porsche 911 in straight-line acceleration and won easily.

In terms of towing ability compared with a number of well-known pickups, Cybertruck is not only stronger than electric Rivian R1T and F-150 Lightning, but even better than diesel F-350. In this round of racing/competition, Cybertruck's strength is already undisputed.

Hard core strength comes from hard core technology

Cybertruck is "stronger than bullets, dragging 911 faster than 911," and has such a strong product force because of its advanced details under its maverick appearance. Includes:

In terms of materials, high-strength stainless steel alloy materials were selected. "Elon Musk Biography" mentioned: "The use of stainless steel also introduces new possibilities for the appearance of trucks. Stainless steel is better suited for straight and sharp designs than stamping carbon fiber into delicate body panels. This gives the design team the opportunity--and to some extent the compulsion--to explore more futuristic, edgy and even at first glance incongruous design ideas. "(P300)

Stainless steel bodies without paint absorb impact well, and "armor grade" window glass provides better protection and NVH. In the video, the Cybertruck's stainless steel body can withstand medium-range direct fire from small-caliber guns, including.45 Thomson submachine guns and MP5 submachine guns.

In addition to adaptive suspension, other advanced technologies include torque vectoring and variable ratio steer-by-wire (the ability to dynamically adjust the magnitude of wheel steering according to vehicle speed, turning radius even smaller than a Model S).

In addition, the car is "the first car in more than 100 years of vehicle history to change the low voltage system from the traditional 12 volts to 48 volts"; Ethernet communication and distributed controllers are also used to reduce the internal wiring by 70%.

Comments: The reason why Cybertruck can be built by Tesla in about 4 years is closely related to Musk himself. The innovative spirit of scientists, the business thinking of entrepreneurs, supplemented by the efficient execution and hands-on ability of engineers, combine these abilities into one, enabling Musk to start from the advanced design philosophy of "belonging to the future and defining the present," thinking about people's thoughts and pedestrians 'actions. Using advanced materials science, adaptive suspension, variable electronic steer-by-wire and other technologies, breaking the boundaries of pickup trucks, SUVs and supercars, this novel species of "stronger than bullets, dragging 911 faster than 911" has been created, making an image of its interstellar colonization.

This article comes from Weixin Official Accounts: Automobile News Agency (ID: automobile-news), author: Tang Hua

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