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Bai Jian, vice president of Weilai: this year, NIO Day released its own research on the next generation of intelligent driving chip.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of the clues of Frost Wind Shadow! news on December 21, @ Baijian NIO, vice president of Lai Automotive Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd., issued a post this morning to preheat the NIO Day 2023 event this Saturday.

Bai Jian said that in the next few years, intelligent driving algorithms will evolve in the direction of end-to-end and large models, so core components such as CPU / NPU / MSP not only need to meet the requirements of the present, let BEV (aerial view, Bird's eye view), occupy the network, and end-to-end perception control, but also need to consider the future, can perfectly match the end-to-end large model algorithm.

The current Lai car is equipped with four Orin chips, Bai Jian said that "of course can meet" the above needs, but the next generation of smart driving chips should do better. At the same time, he shouted, "NIO Day, please look forward to it."

During the Weilai Innovation and Technology Day in September this year, Li Bin announced that Weilai's first self-developed chip would be produced in October, claiming to be the industry's first self-developed lidar master chip, with the Chinese name "Yang Kui". The chip uses 8-core CPU, has 8 sampling channels, 9Bit sampling depth, and the sampling rate is up to 1GHz. It is known as "50% reduction in power consumption, 30% reduction in latency, and 8 million / s point cloud processing capacity per second".

Screenshot of ▲ press conference combined with previous reports from, ET9, the administrative flagship car of Weilai, will be unveiled during the NIO Day on December 23 this year, confirming that it will be equipped with a fully line-controlled smart chassis and a 900V high-voltage architecture that breaks the industry limit. The car will be the "crystallization of technological innovation" of the Weilai brand, and Li Bin also said that "the administrative flagship has always been the technological flagship."

At present, the various technologies that will be adopted by ET9 in the next two days may be unveiled one after another, but the exact appearance of the new car will not be known until the same day of NIO Day.

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