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CentOS 7.5 1804 yum install Postgre

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Shulou( Report--

1. Preparatory work:

1.postgresql official website:

two。 Download page:

3.Red Hat Family Linux (including CentOS/Fedora/Scientific/Oracle) download page:

4. The system used in this paper is: centos 7.51804

5. You can use the following URL to find the corresponding postgresql yum installation page:


Second, the system executes the command:

1.yum install-y

Yum-y install postgresql11yum-y install postgresql11-server/usr/pgsql-11/bin/postgresql-11-setup initdbsystemctl enable postgresql-11systemctl start postgresql-11

3. Open the PostgreSQL port (this step can be ignored if the firewall is off) firewall-cmd-- zone=public-- add-port=5432/tcp-- permanentfirewall-cmd-- reloadfirewall-cmd-- list-ports

4. Set the password for postgres

Last login: Fri Jul 19 17:13:49 CST 2019 on pts/0

-bash-4.2$ psql-U postgres

Psql 11.4

Type "help" for help.

Postgres=# ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password 'welcome1'


Postgres=#\ Q

-bash-4.2$ exit


Fifth, set up remote access


Vim / var/lib/pgsql/11/data/postgresql.conf

After opening it, you can find: listen_addresses is modified to:

Listen_addresses =''

The IP address to listen on; a comma-separated list of addresses; the default is' localhost'; for all'. Save and close after modification.


Vim / var/lib/pgsql/11/data/pg_hba.conf

After opening the text, the new content is as follows:

Host all all md5

Save and close editing after the modification is complete.

six. Restart the postgres database

Systemctl restart postgresql-11

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