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The macOS version will be able to run applications originally developed for iOS devices.

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­December 21 news, when Apple released the original iPad seven years ago, it chose to use iPhone's operating system instead of Mac's. Now, the company clearly plans to merge these two separate platform applications into a unified iOS and macOS binaries.

­Bloomberg reported that the next version of macOS will be able to run applications originally developed for iOS devices. MacOS is said to run on iPad, iPhone, and Mac and automatically determines the correct interface to display. This will allow developers to focus on creating a single application without having to maintain and repair the application in both systems. A unified iOS/macOS app can be provided in the Mac version of the Apple App Store, reviving the "ghost town" Apple Store.

­Apple has laid the foundation for this shift since the early days of iOS. Apple's mobile platform was originally built using custom versions of its OS X kernel and development tools, and macOS borrowed from its functional and aesthetic design and eventually introduced it into iOS. Until recently, differences in computing power and input schemes kept the two platforms separate. But the CPU and GPU performance of Apple's latest iOS devices powered by A-series ARM processors are already comparable to those of Mac computers using Intel chips. Apple has also introduced T1 and T2 ARM processors to some Mac computers, which may allow them to run iOS code directly. In the future, Apple may use the same main processors on Mac and iOS devices, making it easier to create a single operating system for all Apple platforms.

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