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Apple may soon launch a new AirPods

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The Cupertino-based tech giant has recently gone public on a frenzy. Not only did the company launch its long-awaited product, but it also launched its most powerful iPad and its most affordable MacBook.

Just earlier this week, the company even launched a 13-inch MacBook Pro model. But if Jon Prosser--who has been very positive and correct in advising Apple on what it is doing, You Tuber--is considered valuable, then the likelihood of "falling at any time" is even greater.

Prosser said on his Twitter feed that he wasn't sure which model of AirPods-it could be the third or second generation Pro of the standard AirPods. In a series of replies to followers, he said the codename for the upcoming AirPods didn't match AirPods X or even the ear-hook headphones the company had been producing for some time.

According to Prosser's previous tweets, Apple is working on two new audio accessories-one headset and a second headset that will be geared toward sports and running enthusiasts. According to Prosser, Apple's over-the-ear headset, code-named B515, will be unveiled at the World Wide Web Developers Conference (WWDC), which is confirmed to begin on June 22.

He also said they cost about $350 and may look like Bose700. Next, the second product is called AirPods X, code-named B517. It is said to cost around $200. These headphones are said to be like Beats X earphones and will probably be launched in September or late October this year.

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