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Google updates Chrome browser: support Touch Bar on new Mac

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Shulou( Report--

­(original title: Google updates Chrome browser: supports Touch Bar)

­Google has brought updates to the macOS version of the Chrome browser, and the new version of the Chrome browser finally supports MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.

­it is reported that in addition to supporting Touch Bar, the new Chrome 60 will provide an experience similar to Apple's Safari browser. On Chrome 60, users can also use their fingertips to access the page, then go back or forward, refresh and add new tag controls and favorites, and so on.

­Google mentioned as early as February that Chrome browsers would integrate Touch Bar, and after months of testing and experimentation, Google finally made its browsers compatible with Touch Bar.

­Chrome's Touch Bar will also have search and URL input fields.

­at the same time, Chrome 60 also supports many developer features, such as payment request API, as well as an upgrade to Certificate Management API.

­Apple launched the MacBook Pro computer with Touch Bar last year, and Apple also announced that there will be more and more excellent applications compatible with Touch Bar in the future. However, although many companies have established support for Touch Bar, in fact, many third-party developers have not been able to make full use of Touch Bar, Touch Bar still has a lot of potential to tap.

­in addition to supporting Touch Bar, Chrome 60 also fixes a lot of Bug and brings a lot of patches.


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