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The understanding of the pain of team Transformation

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Shulou( Report--

1. Why the transformation?

The previous article described in detail the transformation "the transformation practice of the test team in the past 8 months of dating".

There are several key points:

The transformation from a manual team to a technical full-stack team enables team members to have basic knowledge of android, iOS and Java code, requiring basic programming skills.

I communicated with the management before the transformation:

Or transformation, improve productivity, there will be successful stand out, the reward will be rewarded, and there will be elimination

Or continue to be mediocre, live a life, and don't do any full-process testing.

If you were leader, how would you choose?

2. Why does the team hate transformation?

Born in distress and died in comfort, most people are still comfortable in the status quo.

Arrange the transition time of the two Q teams according to the plan, complete the technical learning off the main line and evaluate the results applied to production, including a necessary sharing of all technical results, and receive the most questions from team members after a few months of communication and feedback:

There is no scheduled study time for online work to digest the offline study when the learning goal goes home every day. Very often, by 12:00 in the evening, or even in the early hours of the morning, family life is seriously affected, and there are faint signs of disharmony that the other half of the family begins to question, fool around, and begin to doubt life.

After listening carefully to the feedback of the team members, we communicated and encouraged each team member, and the internal leader communicated what we thought was the value direction:

Those who have no motivation to learn, those who are not self-driven, are obviously ordinary to stay.

From the perspective of value maximization, a short period of training not only improves team productivity, but also enhances individual value.

I told the team from the beginning: you can't stay in a company all your life, and the Internet has changed rapidly for two years.

3. Why did the plot turn around at last?

What happened next?

The departments will be merged, the team members will be dispersed, and they will be divided for a long time.

Partners are also aware of the problem and sense of crisis, fortunately, it is easier to go out to find a job, not only because the resume is very rich, but also the test experience expressed is really memorable, from manual to automation, as well as platform construction, continuous integration, back-end API automation, UI automation and so on. In just one year, it may take two or three years for other companies' test teams.

Later, several friends came to me privately to say thank you. I really couldn't see through it at the beginning. As soon as you joined the department, you warned us that it was impossible to work here all your life, and the dream that a classmate wanted to do for a lifetime was broken by me. And at that time, I was very unhappy with this kind of offline study, which interfered with family life. Later, I didn't expect that because these job hunting was very smooth, then I reviewed: indeed, I didn't have much independent and enterprising learning. Every day I felt that I was living in a step-by-step way and could not meet these challenges. After coming through this, it suddenly became clear.

4. I'm not a good leader. Don't come to me if you want to be comfortable.

How to weigh the value of corporate interests and personal values:

Enlarge the value of the team as much as possible to cater to and create the maximum value of the company as a whole.

This is a high demand for the team, landing is a high demand for individuals, the team can be a full stack of technical team, does not mean that everyone needs to become a full stack, but in such a team, there must be sacrifices, stages to break through, most companies and leader will not give you online learning time, after all, the company invites you to work, not to study.

Once, I was impressed by the fact that the project had to be deployed online the next day, and I left it all to myself. I didn't fix the resin at that time, and I didn't have the nerve to wash up and go to sleep from 12: 00 p.m. to 3: 00 a.m.

How do you increase your personal value and get a raise and promotion from the company? this breakthrough cannot be achieved without honing yourself. many of them did not understand me at that time, but later they all figured it out, including the team members of the former company in Beijing, and now. In fact, I don't care if people understand, your position determines the way you look at things.

Unless you take action to prove that my direction is wrong, otherwise the engineer's accomplishment, just do it.

Of course, you can still come to me to eat, drink and be merry. The working day is cool enough.

Finally, I would like to thank all the team members for their tolerance, as well as the love of my former and present colleagues and leaders.

5. Attach part of the email that was originally written to you.

Yesterday afternoon I told you about my personal growth experience, how to change from a developer to a test, design some test platforms, and then become a test development engineer, and then to manager, director, including the development of the testing phase in the industry and some directions of our testing team.

Of course, all this is no joke, we have to broaden our horizons:

Don't confine yourself to doing only one app test, consider the app test of the whole business department.

Don't confine yourself to a certain business department, consider the whole career plan and how to improve your combat effectiveness.

Very often, you can't solve the problem of growth at work, and you still have to take up a lot of offline time. Technology is a hard job. If you can't bear it, you have to think of other ways as soon as possible. Since you are on the road of technology, don't look back.

Time is squeezed out, saying that I do not have time just do not want to face it, there is an example: last month to use the api platform, the api specification moved over, "forced" Boss Chen to work for two weeks, every day almost 23:00, but also Wechat communication improvement places to implement, and now the development is not used to feel better, management is easier, api norms concentrated in one place to manage, will not be scattered.

.... Many words are omitted here

I hope that one day after I go out from NetEase, I can proudly say: I come from the Friendship Department, and the value I can bring to you is this pile of technology.

So how did this pile of technology come from? Now the wind of the entire mobile Internet ui testing has been weakened (but will not die), will pay more attention to special testing, as well as security testing, code-level automation.

The playability of mobile testing is still very high, for example: exploratory testing, which can be combined with actual projects to do the test model; hierarchical testing idea, this thing will not change for many years, the classic guiding ideology, the change is the tool, framework.

I have a request for everyone:

1. Strong communication, light process

The process is dead, just to help everyone standardize and abide by it, but people are alive, communication first, problems that can be solved face-to-face efficiently, no email, we are still a small team, easy to communicate, and we don't talk about important things three times. Testing means more feedback and persistence.

2. Strong execution

When anything is implemented, it must be carried out and landed on the ground. It is not until the supervisor finally asks, "I don't agree with your point of view, so I didn't do it. Damn it, if you don't agree with me, it's a waste of everyone's time." If the team members do not agree with the supervisor's approach, unless there is a very effective persuasion, you can have doubts, but you must do it, even if you are wrong, the supervisor will take responsibility, if you do not do it, that is, you are naughty!

3. Strong assistance

The testing of the whole business department is everyone's business, and we have to help each other. It's not that I'm in charge of American chatting. If something goes wrong with you, it's none of my business. I'm in charge of Huatian. What do you care about me? testing is a matter of mutual communication. Every team member has a responsibility. I once told you a story:

The daughter moved the stone beside her, but she couldn't move it all the time, shouting to her father, "Dad, I can't move it. Let's make a detour." Dad said, did you try your best? The daughter said, did you try your best? Dad said, did you use the resources around you to ask me for help? The daughter immediately understood and was overjoyed.

When the individual strength is small, give full play to the strength of the whole team, help each other, do not suffer losses how to grow? On the contrary, you earn experience, such as you play the game to play monster upgrade, obviously in order to move up to the next level, but also have to watch boring repetition of the picture, cut down by the monster, cool.

4. Stick to the right direction and have the courage to explore the road and try

When I switched from development to testing at that time, it was actually very hard. I didn't take any vacation for at least a year. Even during the Spring Festival, I locked myself at home to study all kinds of testing techniques. At that time, I thought: if this road is not suitable for me, it will take me 2-3 years to prove myself right or wrong before making a decision. As a result, yes, and walk out of a routine, in fact, the more you go up, the more you will find: development is testing, testing is development, inseparable.

So don't be afraid to take detours. The key is to be aware of the problem, reflect on it, and evaluate whether or not to go on. Of course, I am not emphasizing that the path I have brought you is the most correct, and there will certainly be some doubts. This will be answered while walking. There will always be satisfactory results for you.

5. Technology accumulation

No matter what the achievements / skills of your previous company are, now that you are here, let's hone it. I have requirements, very clear to tell you that the development of some automation tool scripts is necessary, anything that does big is accumulated from childhood, those with poor skills will study according to the basic study put forward by the department, and those with good skills will go offline to study, and those with good skills will share more experience. I can tell you that students who have studied finance and economics have made a great transition to android development, and others have suffered pains before they succeed. the key depends on the degree of effort.

6. Promote research and development and pay attention to quality and strengthen awareness

Quality awareness must be implemented, not to say that a slogan must be made on the construction site: safety helmets must be worn in and out of the construction site, otherwise the fine is 500 yuan, and the quality lies in the usual bit by bit accumulation. these things seem small, or even no profit at that time, once persisted for a long time, accumulation, quality is a considerable return.

7. automation should not be pursued blindly, but the input-output ratio should be evaluated.

Schopenhauer said: as a result of frequent repetition, many things that at first seemed important to us gradually become worthless.

First of all, we should solve the pain points of the business, and then create more testing value, release manpower, and promote the development of productivity.

8. Summarize the test model and defect model

For example: Meixiao has voice modules, Huatian also has, how to better reuse test cases and improve testability, many common modules we need to gradually extract into models, in addition to these are divergent thinking points of business features, this is also a very important thing.

9. Pay attention to the operation problems and summarize the routines

Operation of some problems, you can feedback product design problems, as well as code design problems, problem feedback in addition to follow-up solutions, it is more important to find out what rules, to be good at summing up, whether it can be avoided?

To tell you the truth: technology can not make you become rich immediately (of course, Momo, Snowball, my former colleagues, others have also been hard to ask, how many startups have failed before there is a success)

So Wechat has a joke: why don't I buy Tesla? Open one: poor! One word

To be technically proficient and ripe, you can also lead a well-off life. You need to make great efforts. I left Lanxun to help recruit a testing director in Beijing, 60w-100w.

Is it okay to buy Tesla for this amount? Absolute ok, of course, the salary in Beijing will be much higher.

So, these are not important, the key is a direction, we all say Wuling Hongguang still open, still run, it doesn't matter whether the girls like to watch or not.

Our focus is not on wealth enriching life, but on technology. At a certain stage, we have to rely on technology to change life. So accumulating technology, taking 2-3 years as a goal stage, is something that needs to be persisted for a long time. I have persisted for almost 10 years. I still find that I don't understand a lot of things. I often discuss technology with my wife at home. Technology is hard, but it depends on how to make a cognition and make myself happy.

Sao year, work hard, this seems to be bullshit, but it is actually the current situation. The domestic testing industry is relatively impetuous and is easy to be disturbed and lost. My former supervisor went to Canada and often had email exchanges. It is mentioned that there are a lot of 40-year-old 50-year-old test engineers abroad, and they work hard as well. Is there any reason why I don't work hard?

I still insist: you can't be in the same company all your life, but if you go out one day, you can proudly say, how did I grow up and bring results to the department? it can all be written on my resume.

In addition, you also have a sense of justice in testing. The most important thing is not to lag behind or even lead the industry in testing. You have undergone the transformation of the testing organization and have a good testing vision.

From the test avenue to Jane, it depends on whether you understand it thoroughly.

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