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What is the principle of catalina.bat in Tomcat?

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What is the principle of catalina.bat in Tomcat? Many novices are not very clear about this. In order to help you solve this problem, the following editor will explain it in detail. People with this need can come and learn. I hope you can gain something.

Validate CATALINA_HOME environment variables

Verify that the CATALINA_HOME setting is correct, and if not, reset the CATALINA_HOME environment variable.

If catalina.bat is not found in the CATALINA_HOME\ bin directory, it ends (this is hardly the case here, unless catalina.bat is not in tomcat's bin directory)

Set environment variabl

1. Look for the setenv.bat file in the CATALINA_BASE and CATALINA_BASE directories and execute it. If you can't find it, it won't be executed.

two。 Find the setclasspath.bat file and execute it. If you can't find it, it ends.

Setclasspath.bat sets the environment variables related to java.

Tomcat log management

Add tomcat-juli.jar to the classPath environment variable.

And add the profile path of the log to the LOGGING_CONFIG environment variable

Tomcat-juli.jar action

Apache Tomcat implements several key elements of java.util.logging by one of its own. This implementation is called JULI. The core component of the implementation is a customized LogManager, which can obtain different web applications (and different class loader) running in Tomcat. He supports the configuration of separate log configurations for applications. When a web application is uninstalled from the inside, it will be notified by Tomcat so that the classes he references can be cleared to avoid memory leaks.

Console information output

The output is as follows:

Set the startup class of tomcat

Set parameters related to tomcat remote debugging

When remote debugging is enabled, Host and Port are configured in eclipse, and then Debug can debug programs in tomcat remotely.

Other boot modes

In addition to the remote debugging startup mode, there are several startup modes as follows

From this, you can see that starting tomcat and shutting down tomcat are all catalina.bat calls.

The difference between run and start is whether to start tomcat in a new window.

Run is executed in this window.

Start is to open a new window to execute.

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