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The East Ring Line of Chongqing Railway Hub begins dynamic testing: the design speed is 160 kilometers per hour.

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Shulou( Report-- November 8 news, According to southwest railway release, November 8 13:46 points, With 55239 inspection vehicles from Luohuang East Station, It marks Chongqing railway hub east ring line began dynamic detection, Into the key stage of project acceptance, Line opening operation began countdown.

Chongqing Railway East Ring Line is a key project of China Railway Group and Chongqing City. It passes through 6 districts including Jiangjin District, Banan District, Nan 'an District, Jiangbei District, Yubei District and Beibei District, connecting Tuanjie Village Central Station Railway Logistics Base, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Air Logistics Base, Nanpeng Trade Logistics Base and Donggang Port Area in series.

The line starts from Luohuang South Station of Chongqing-Guiyang Railway in the south, passes Luohuang East, Nanpeng, Chongqing East, Yinglong, Miaoba, Longxing, Tongjing, Ancient Road and Shuitu in the north, and ends at Moxinpo North Field. The total length of the line is about 159km, and the design speed is 160km/h. It is a double-track electrified railway with 85 bridges and 49 tunnels.

It is understood that after Chongqing Railway East Ring Road is completed and opened to traffic, the industrial groups and logistics bases outside the main city of Chongqing City will be connected in series, which will improve the efficiency of cargo assembly and distribution and speed up the freight exchange with the outside world. Each station along the line can be conveniently transferred with urban rail transit, ground bus and other transportation modes, realizing rapid passenger transport exchange between groups along the line and between groups and Urban area. It is a north-south urban expressway in the east trough valley zone of the Main City and in the west of Zhongliang Mountain. At the same time, this line connects Chongqing East, Chongqing North, Jiangbei International Airport and other comprehensive transportation hubs in series, which can provide fast passenger transport channel for node passenger flow conversion. learned that dynamic detection is an important link before the railway is opened and operated. After the static acceptance of the project is qualified, the comprehensive test of each system of the whole line is carried out at the specified test speed by using the test train and relevant detection equipment, including the interface relationship between the detection related systems, and the debugging and optimization of each system and the overall system, so that the system function meets the design requirements and provides scientific basis for the opening and operation.

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