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Microsoft has released a preview update of Win11 RP 22621amp 22631.2787, adding new cross-monitor Copilot, etc.

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Thanks to netizens EdgeOS and Ginky for the delivery of the clue!, November 17, Microsoft today released a KB5032288 update for Win11 for Windows Insider project members of Release Preview Channel. After the 22H2 update, the version number rose to 22621.2787, 23H2, and the updated version number rose to 22631.2787. has been informed that this update includes the following features and improvements:

In the 23H2 version, this update brings Windows into compliance with the Digital Market Act of the European Economic area.

Users can now use Copilot across multiple monitors in Copilot in Windows, press WIN + C in a multi-monitor environment, display Copilot in Windows in the taskbar area of the last monitor, and press WIN + T to transfer the selection to the taskbar.

Add Copilot thumbnail preview function. When the user presses ALT + TAB, Windows will now display a thumbnail preview of Copilot.

In the coming weeks, Windows Spotlight will be set as the default desktop background (users will need to set the desktop background to Windows image)

When users log in to Windows with a local account, they can ask Copilot for help ten times in Windows. After that, users must log in using authenticated Microsoft accounts, including Microsoft accounts (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD/ Microsoft Entra ID).

This update improves shortcuts, which perform better when users open shortcuts in Desktop and File Explorer.

This update resolves the problem with the. RAR files, which might previously appear as empty files in File Explorer.

This update addresses an issue where applications downloaded in the Microsoft Store may not be able to respond and cannot be updated.

This update affects the Dutch time zone and man-made land outside Rotterdam has been added to the system.

This update addresses an issue that affects the trusted site zone login policy, which was previously not managed by users using Mobile device Management (MDM).

This update fixes the problem with IE mode, where the page stops working when a modal pop-up box appears.

This update addresses the problem that caused the IE mode to stop responding, which previously occurred if the user pressed the left arrow key after inserting a symbol (cursor) in the empty text box.

This update solves the application cursor problem, which changes from the hand to the cursor or disappears at the wrong time. Previously, these problems occurred when the application used the WebView2Standalone XAML control.

This update addresses the problem that caused the IE mode to stop responding, which previously occurred when the user opened multiple IE mode tabs.

This update addresses issues affecting remote direct memory access (RDMA) performance counters.

This update addresses issues affecting 32-bit GDI-based applications, which previously occurred when they were running on 64-bit Windows operating systems that exceed 2GB memory.

This update improves the performance of dynamic ambient light sensors, which now consume less power on the device.

This update addresses issues that may affect the cursor when writing in Japanese, which may move to unexpected places.

This update addresses issues that may affect Microsoft OneNote, which may fail when the user right-clicks with the pen to open it.

This update resolves the cursor problem. Cursor movement lags behind in some screen capture scenes.

This update addresses issues affecting AAC decoders, which have not worked well on some websites that have set incorrect input sampling rates.

This update addresses issues that affect hardware that uses the PresentAt feature, and now users no longer consume more power when playing video full screen.

Users can now prefetch the configuration files of multiple operating system versions, and after upgrading and restarting the machine, only the correct configuration of the current operating system version will be applied.

This update resolves issues that affect system settings, which stop responding after the user turns off device encryption.

This update affects Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE), which enables conditional access (CA) scenarios.

This update addresses an issue that prevents users from reconnecting to an existing cloud session.

This update improves the speed at which Copilot in Windows opens from the taskbar.

This update addresses an issue where users may be prevented from logging on to the machine due to unstable notifications.

This update addresses issues affecting File Explorer. The shortcut (context) menu does not open when the user presses Shift + F10.

This update resolves issues that affect the File Explorer window. Previously, the rear window occasionally popped up at the front.

This update addresses the problem of widget notifications, which were not in the right place on the taskbar.

This update resolves an issue with the Copilot icon on the taskbar, which was previously not displayed as active when Copilot was opened.

This update resolves an issue affecting Windows LAPS, whose PasswordExpirationProtectionEnabled policy cannot open this setting.

This update solves the problem affecting Windows sandboxie. If your machine locale is not English (US), File Explorer will stop responding.

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