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Daijin new generation E-MAX 8 series air conditioners are on the market: APF is upgraded to 4.95, with new support for Tmall genie

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Shulou( Report-- November 17 news, Daijin air conditioner launched a new generation of E-MAX 8 series wall-mounted air conditioners, carried out a number of upgrades.

According to reports, the new generation of E-MAX 8 added "advanced gray" color matching, new DryShock thermal sterilization self-cleaning technology.

The annual energy consumption rate (APF) of the air conditioner rose again, to a maximum of 4.95, close to the first-class energy efficiency of the new national standard. According to the query, the highest APF of the previous generation of E-MAX 8 was 4.7.

In addition, the new generation of E-MAX 8 supports Tmall elf voice control. In addition, the original temperature and humidity double control technology, Kangda effect airflow and Kangda effect sleep have also been retained.

The Daijin official website does not list the specific parameters of the new generation E-MAX 8 series, and has not found the price information. The following table is the specifications of the previous generation, for reference only:

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