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Jianghuai Ruifeng RF8 MPV new car starts pre-sale: 16.99-239900 yuan, Hongmeng car machine version will be ordered next month

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Shulou( Report-- November 17 news, today opened during the Guangzhou Auto Show, Jianghuai Ruifeng positioning as "new national tide intelligent hybrid MPV" brand-new model_Ruifeng RF8 officially opened pre-sale, summary of the car different configurations and pre-sale prices are as follows:

Distinguished type: 169,900 yuan

Flagship model: 189,900 yuan

PHEV Premium: 219,900 yuan

PHEV flagship model: 239,900 yuan

In addition, the model equipped with Hongmeng will be pre-sold in December, and two more configurations will be launched.

The size of the car is positioned as medium and large MPV. Based on the brand-new MUSE architecture, it provides three different styles of mid-net design of "Qingyun,""Sky" and "Dragon Scale," supplemented by a large range of chrome plating, with strong visual impact.

The length, width and height of the car are 5215/1895/1830mm respectively, the wheelbase reaches 3100mm, the regular volume of the trunk is 700 liters, and the maximum expansion space can reach 2500 liters after the third row of seats is put down.

In terms of interior, RF8 will offer two different cockpit styles, one is a dual screen composed of instrument + central control screen, and the other is a 15.6-inch suspended central control screen. Among them, the latter will be used on the model with built-in Hongmeng 4.0 vehicle system, while the former will have built-in "intelligent listening" smart cockpit, and will be equipped with Xinfeld AI model, Huawei HICAR and Tencent Ecology.

In terms of power, the car provides two power combinations of 2.0TGDI+8AT and 1.5T DHE+3DHT, corresponding to fuel model and hybrid model respectively. Among them, the maximum power of 2.0T engine is 186kW and the peak torque is 400N·m; the comprehensive power of 1.5T interpolation system is 310kW and the comprehensive torque is 745N·m. In addition, the hybrid model offers 150 km and 252 km pure electric range, and the comprehensive range can reach 1250 km.

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