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The first launch in the Chinese market, Honda intelligent driving assistance system "Honda SENSING 360 +" upgrade release

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Shulou( Report--

IT House 11 / 17 news, Honda Honda intelligent driving assistance system "Honda SENSING 360 +" upgrade released today.

According to reports, the system further strengthens the function of reducing driving load on the basis of "safety super-sense Honda SENSING 360".

The intelligent driving assistance system "Safety Supersensitive Honda SENSING 360 +" released by this upgrade can achieve 360-degree surroundings through forward-looking sensing cameras and five millimeter wave radars, covering visual blind areas while driving, and can actively avoid accidents and reduce the risk.

In addition, the new system also adds a driver condition monitoring camera and a high-precision map, which can help confirm the driver's status, improve the accuracy of vehicle control, and effectively reduce the driving load.

Honda officially announced that Honda SENSING 360 + plans to launch the first application in the Chinese market in 2024, which will be the first application of the system in the world. attached technical introduction:

Full speed domain intelligent driving assistance

When driving on expressways or car lanes, the system will assist the operation of acceleration, braking and steering wheel, maintain the preset speed, and assist the vehicle to drive in the lane without deviating from the lane, so as to reduce the driving load.

High-precision maps and the Global Positioning system (GNSS) can be used to determine the location of driving vehicles. If there is no other vehicle ahead, the vehicle can be kept in the middle of the lane at the set speed; if there are other vehicles ahead, the appropriate distance can be maintained and followed.

When you encounter a bend, the system will identify the bend in advance and accelerate and decelerate according to the bend to assist the driver to drive safely.

Intelligent navigation by lane change

When driving on expressways or special vehicle lanes, when the system detects that the speed of the car in front is lower than that of the vehicle, it will analyze and judge the surrounding situation, and if the system judges that it can overtake, it will prompt the driver to turn on the overtaking light, complete the operation of acceleration and deceleration and steering, and realize overtaking and returning to the original lane.

In addition, in the route guidance mode, the system will provide lane change tips to the driver according to the lane guidelines given by the navigator. when the driver confirms and accepts the prompt, the system will assist in completing a series of lane change operations from side entry to side exit.

Bend deviation early warning

When passing through the bend of the highway or the special lane of the car, when the system analyzes that the vehicle needs to reduce the speed, otherwise there is a risk of accident, it will issue a warning and assist deceleration to effectively avoid the accident caused by the vehicle deviating from the bend.

Before the vehicle enters the corner at a higher speed, the instrument will display the word "pay attention to the bend ahead" to remind the driver; when the vehicle approaches the corner and needs to slow down, the system will prompt the driver to slow down through the tone and the HUD (heads-up display system); if the vehicle is very close to the bend and needs to decelerate immediately, the system will issue a stronger tone and assist in reducing the speed.

Door collision warning

When parking, if the system detects that other vehicles are coming from the rear side, the warning light on the front post or side rearview mirror of the car will light up to remind the driver to pay attention to the rear. In addition, when opening the door, if the passenger detects the risk of colliding with a passing vehicle, he will remind the passenger to pay attention to the surrounding situation through the warning light and tone.

Driver emergency rescue

When the driver has a sudden physical condition in the driving process and is unable to continue driving, the system will assist the driver to slow down and stop in the current lane.

If the driver does not respond to the auxiliary prompt issued by the system, the volume of the prompt will be increased to further remind the driver to respond; if the driver still does not respond, the system will turn on the warning light and sound the alarm. and assist the driver to slow down or stop in the same lane; in addition, the system will contact the emergency center through the emergency call service to help ensure the safety of the driver, the vehicle personnel and other people around him.

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