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Shulou simultaneously opened the pre-sale of the vivo X100 series, which can enjoy a maximum subsidy of 1700 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--

Zeiss image, immersive. On November 13, the vivo X100 series was officially released, priced from 3999 yuan, and will go on sale on November 21. At present, has simultaneously started pre-sale, participating in the pre-sale can enjoy 24 interest-free, limited gift of Bluetooth headphones, trade-in to a maximum subsidy of 1700 yuan, members get coupons reduced by 10 yuan, 30-day price guarantee. In addition, the vivo X100 series also launched super-value sets, including 9 yuan limited purchase of accident-free packages with the original price of 99 yuan, including one-year guaranteed maintenance, 30-day long trial, 200 yuan repurchase allowance, 99 yuan limited purchase of 299 yuan worth of value-preserving worry-free sets, including one-year full-guarantee maintenance, 80% value preservation and replacement, 30-day long trial and 200 yuan repurchase allowance.

Over the years, has relied on strong supply chain advantages and continued to cooperate deeply with vivo and other manufacturers to help the launch of new products through marketing co-creation, differentiated services and omni-channel capabilities, so as to realize new products as explosive products and bring good new products to consumers at the first time. The vivo X100 series is equipped with Tianji 9300 flagship chip, equipped with a large blue model, using super-retinal 8T eye protection screen, vivo X100 Pro is also equipped with a new self-developed image chip V3, the use of Zeiss APO lens, Zeiss floating lens group, the new Zeiss T * coating, image, screen and other aspects of better strength, to bring consumers a better experience.

The vivo X100 series is divided into two products: vivo X100 and vivo X100 Pro. In terms of performance, the vivo X100 series is equipped with Tianji 9300 flagship chip to achieve stronger performance and lower energy consumption performance, among which vivo X100 is also equipped with self-developed image chip V2 Vivo X100 Pro is equipped with a new self-developed image chip V3, image strength is further. In terms of battery life, the vivo X100 is equipped with equivalent 5000mAh blue sea battery and supports 120W dual-core flash charge. the vivo X100 Pro is equipped with equivalent 5400mAh blue sea battery, 100W dual-core flash charge and 50W wireless flash charge. The vivo X100 series launches with the new OriginOS 4 and upgrades more than 200 common features for a better interactive experience. In addition, the vivo X100 series will be equipped with the Blue Heart large model, and the blue heart small V, an AI product based on the blue heart big model, will also provide more intelligent functions. In addition, the vivo X100 Pro is equipped with a universal signal amplification system that uses Wi-Fi through-the-wall mode and bar-lifting navigation for more stable signals and more accurate navigation.

In terms of screen, the vivo X100 series is equipped with a super-retinal 8T eye guard screen, supporting 3000nit peak brightness, 8T LTPO backplane technology, and the new night cat eye protection function, providing comfortable viewing and eye protection. OriginOS 4 in the vivo X100 series also designed a new weather switch-out and new scene wallpaper for the 8T screen for a better sense of experience. In terms of design, the vivo X100 series continues the oriental aesthetics of "round place in the sky", taking the sun, moon and stars as the design inspiration, using the sun-moon double ring design made of mirror stainless steel, bringing four colors: star blue, white moonlight, sunset orange, among which the sunset orange color matching version uses a new water ripple texture, while the plain skin uses double rolling color deep dyeing technology, which is waterproof and wear-resistant and clean.

In terms of imaging, the vivo X100 is equipped with Zeiss super telephoto, f / 2.57 ultra-large aperture, vivo original image engine, and long-focus macro-distance, allowing you to get high-quality photos regardless of distance. The vivo X100 is also equipped with IMX920 super-photosensitive VCS bionic main photo, combined with f / 1.57 super-large aperture, you can also get starry blockbusters with one shot.

The vivo X100 Pro is equipped with vivo's new self-developed image chip V3, which supports full-link 4K-level processing, flexible switching of picture focus, film-grade video skin color protection, and further video shooting experience. The vivo X100 Pro features an IMX989 one-inch background camera, which improves picture quality and overall clarity, as well as a new T * coating for a clearer HDR effect that can be easily photographed in dark light. The vivo X100 Pro also carries a Zeiss APO certified telephoto and uses a lens grouping floating periscope structure for freer composition. The vivo X100 Pro also brings a new upgrade to Zeiss's full-focus portrait, providing five golden focal segments for professional portrait shooting, together with the original image engine, to shoot portraits more professionally and excellently.

If you want to further experience the super image and comfort of the vivo X100 series, come to to participate in the pre-sale of new products, and you can also enjoy a 9 yuan limited edition accident-free set and a 99-yuan limited edition worry-free set.

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