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Musk's big mouth caused trouble again, and it was reported that Apple had stopped advertising on X (Twitter) again.

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Thanks to netizen Terrence for the clue delivery!, Nov. 18 (Xinhua)-- Apple is suspending all ads on its X social platform after Musk made anti-Semitic comments on Wednesday, according to Axios.

Musk made drastic reforms after buying Twitter, causing a large number of advertisers to flee X. Apple continues to choose to place ads on the X platform, and Musk, one of its advertising partners, thanked Apple in March for its support, calling the company one of the "biggest advertisers" of X (Twitter).

When Apple suspended advertising on X in November 2022, Musk lashed out and asked whether Apple hated "freedom of speech." Musk also threatened to remove the X app from Apple's App Store and said he would make a phone after it was taken off the shelves.

Musk later met with Cook in 2022 to resolve the dispute. Musk later claimed that Apple never actually threatened to remove X from App Store, which was a "misunderstanding". Musk finally called it a "good conversation", and after that, Apple "fully resumed" advertising.

According to the 2022 report, Apple spends more than $100 million a year on Twitter advertising ( Note: currently about 725 million yuan).

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